The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



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    Ha, was happy to see this group. Feel free to add me, anyone. Approaching 40 rapidly :-)
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    @mtaratoot - That looks like a very good trip. Glad you sorted out the seal.

    The best seal service I've ever had was at Scapa. A wrist seal went on the second dive of the day. I dropped it off at Scapa Scuba, who repaired it overnight, and it came back repaired to my liveaboard before the next day's diving.

    I dived Fiji once, many years ago. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not sure how much foreign diving I'll be able to do in the future. I have a PFO, and had a major bend a couple of years ago. I should be able to plug the hole in my heart later this year, but it's unclear if I'll be able to get insurance for foreign diving. Fortunately, I like diving in the UK a lot.
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    Hey, I'm 42. Looks like I'm right in the middle of the age group.
    Have a great day everyone
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    I'm 48 trying to loss 160lbs and live a healthier life style. I welcome all friends. Feel free and add.Good luck everyone on your journey.
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    kimber0607 wrote: »
    I guess all cals are not created equal..thought I could splurge a bit, which has been happening more and more... if I continues to remain within my cal goals. I'm starting to think eating carbs/sweets are a bigger issue than I thought/hoped
    why can't we have it all??..LOL

    have a good one!

    Seems to be true for me. I can maintain and eat carbs within reason, but I don't lose weight unless I reduce the carbs. It's harder for me to overeat if I emphasize protein. It shouldn't matter, but it does.

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    Moooorning everyone! <3

    @mtaratoot those photos are FAB!
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    Hey guys, feel free to add me. Looking for supportive friends
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    coltjester wrote: »
    Hi everyone! New to this group. Just a regular guy in his 40’s trying to get healthier everyday. 👋💪🇺🇸

    Hey welcome.. nice first post :)
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    Second last day of vacay!!!
    How will I ever go back to real life?
    Hope everyone is having a good week
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    uk guy , late 30s , always looking to support and motivate and have a laugh along the way :)
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    Good morning all and happy hump day - this week's flying in!
    Hope everyone's day's going to be great <3

    And now... coffee! We haven't had a coffee conversation in a while here!
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    I have developed a minor obsession with Kenyan peaberry coffee recently. I've either used syphon or V60 to brew it, with good success. The recent bag I got through tasted of pineapple, and was superb. So I have a new bag I will start on tomorrow. (This is the new batch: .)

    I've found it so full of flavour I have scaled back the dosage I use, from my normal 65 g/litre to 56g/litre.
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    Good morning...HHD!
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    Hi all. I'm new here. Getting back into the swing of things. :)
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    Happy Hump Day peeps!