Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • kateaclarke1984
    kateaclarke1984 Posts: 2 Member
    hi I'm new to fitness pal, would love to connect with others for support and keep motivated
  • RaevsReality
    RaevsReality Posts: 31 Member
    Anyone wanting to have a geeky gamer gal foodie who's active on their friend-feed feel free to add me. Can never have enough friends :smiley:
  • marcd90
    marcd90 Posts: 282 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • MohsenSALAH
    MohsenSALAH Posts: 182 Member
    If you are into open diaries plz dont hesitate to send a request
    Always welcoming new friends
  • mandy11918
    mandy11918 Posts: 2 Member
    I could definitely use some more friends for motivation on this journey🙂
  • unstableunicorn
    unstableunicorn Posts: 216 Member
    Always good to meet new people on a joirney. Feel free to add. :smile:
  • country9363
    country9363 Posts: 6 Member
    Started in May at 245 Lbs the first 40 Lbs went pretty fast. Weight loss is slowing down, would like some motivation so I don’t give up till I hit 170 Lbs normal BMI for 5’ 11’’
  • country9363
    country9363 Posts: 6 Member
    Still haven’t figured out how to add people
  • IwillLOSE40kg
    IwillLOSE40kg Posts: 317 Member
    Any fellow aussies, add me
  • alexis1616
    alexis1616 Posts: 115 Member
    Always looking for more friends to motivate on their journeys! ☺️
  • mitch239
    mitch239 Posts: 77 Member
    Always looking for more friends and motivation buddies
  • parkertobefit
    parkertobefit Posts: 459 Member
    Looking for some new additions ☺️
  • Justn83
    Justn83 Posts: 5,226 Member
    Yes. Yes I do ☺️
  • deesalinas91
    deesalinas91 Posts: 19 Member
    Feel free to add me.In need of some extra motivation. :)
  • PiscesIntuition
    PiscesIntuition Posts: 1,365 Member
    Hey beautiful people! 🤗💕
  • 1998SK
    1998SK Posts: 29 Member
    Been slacking!! Need some friends who can motivate me!! 😔😔
  • beastmode_kitty
    beastmode_kitty Posts: 837 Member
    Would love to find someone new support and motivation friends! Been on this crazy journey since 2011. Down 60+ pounds, and looking to be a better healthier me 🙂
    LOVEMYFAMILY_1206 Posts: 11 Member
    I would love some more friends to keep me motivated
  • CourierSixx
    CourierSixx Posts: 50 Member
    Hey all! I'd like some friends as well. It is quite lonely over here, I hear crickets and cazadors. 100 points to Ravenclaw if you know what a cazador is. I'm a 40 yo geek and gamer who loves to cycle with her Schnauzer. I am aiming right now for 75lbs lost but actually need to lose 100. Feel free to add me. Alas, I don't know how to add others on this app. Am I getting that old? Lol
  • DJtobias13
    DJtobias13 Posts: 256 Member
    Always looking for new friends... having a tribe of like minded individuals for support and motivation makes the journey that much more enjoyable.