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  • Lmcagain
    Lmcagain Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone. Started on this app again after losing 80 lbs :) Sadly I'm 10 above where I want to be so I've started using it again-walking every day on my lunch break and took up jogging again 3x/wk. I really want to motivate and be motivated to keep going.
  • cookdevin89
    cookdevin89 Posts: 13 Member
    Me!! I need friends on here to help keep me accountable I have a long ways to go and I don’t plan on stopping. Just some extra friends and motivation from someone doing the same would be nice!!
  • Goins_34
    Goins_34 Posts: 5 Member
    How do you add ppl? I am a new member just started today I’m not a premium member tho do you have to be to add and accept friends on here?
  • Goins_34
    Goins_34 Posts: 5 Member
    I’m new to dieting was always so active up until graduating college I didn’t need to watch my foods or portions, although now that I have been out of school for 5-6 years I slowly put on some extra weight. I have never done any calorie counting or watching food weight for portions so hopefully I can get the hang of it and stay true to my dieting, I am currently 215lbs wanting to get back down to around 185lbs-195lbs... just wanted to say hey maybe make some weight loss friends to keep me on track and vise-versa also help you all with your goals!!
  • dannordquist
    dannordquist Posts: 1 Member
    Add me!
  • seemren
    seemren Posts: 4 Member
    Just joined in yesterday 👍 hope to achieve my desired targets I'm from Singapore hi everyone 💕🤩🤩🤩 and goodluck guys ..
  • jenjens86
    jenjens86 Posts: 48 Member
    Feel free to add me. 32, both my children are finally in school so i am taking my time to look after myself now i have a bit more time.looking forward to what i can achieve now im really setting my mind to it
  • HydeeAbiola
    HydeeAbiola Posts: 1 Member
    I’m new on here, I need friends to motivate me and also make new friends. I’m Nigerian 😊
  • RedAbilty
    RedAbilty Posts: 15 Member
    Heya 🌱 add me!! Need to lose 6-8kg
  • IwillLOSE40kg
    IwillLOSE40kg Posts: 317 Member
    Add me!!
  • Letsdreadlift
    Letsdreadlift Posts: 29 Member
    Always looking for partners in crime! Need to lose 15 lbs. :)
  • Kjeans001
    Kjeans001 Posts: 2 Member
    Could use some friends for motivation! I just haven’t been able to control my weight and food intake and have gained weight over summer and need to get control again!!!
  • Krystal_m86
    Krystal_m86 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello Everyone!
  • savannahs21
    savannahs21 Posts: 364 Member
    Feel free to add me! I am on a low fat diet.
  • bubjoedad
    bubjoedad Posts: 6 Member
    Heyyyyyy! I just need a little push when i don't feel like working out or logging my meals! Thanks!
  • buoy9191
    buoy9191 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm very active, but I think it's time I admit to myself that having some friends on here would help to inspire me and hold me accountable. I am interested in adding others who log regularly and are looking for the same. Feel free to add me!
  • Mr_SugarSkull
    Mr_SugarSkull Posts: 139 Member
    I'm always looking for more friends and support. So please add me.
  • blueunicorn125
    blueunicorn125 Posts: 411 Member
    I love friends!!! Please add me <3