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The NEW selfie thread with no rules



  • parkertobefitparkertobefit Member Posts: 294 Member Member Posts: 294 Member
    MelG7777 wrote: »
    If only I could get a filter like this irl. Lol. Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday!!
    Cute pic ☺️
  • DWBalboaDWBalboa Member Posts: 33,569 Member Member Posts: 33,569 Member
    ghudson92 wrote: »

    Happy Saturday :heart:

    Happy Saturday sunshine!
  • RastaLousGirlRastaLousGirl Member Posts: 2,018 Member Member Posts: 2,018 Member
    bojack5 wrote: »
    Why do people keep giving fairylover crap?
    I dont see her doing anything different than what everyone else does on these threads.
    Yeah she posted mulitable pics a few pages back but I think thats just the mfp glitch? 🤷‍♀️

    I don't really think everyone is giving her crap, I'm sure she's a good person and has her own story just like the rest of us... although I agree with you that maybe some things shouldn't be said, I think that some of us may just be a little uncomfortable when reading in multiple threads how a person is horny or wants to have rough sex or saying they're about to take off their panties. Some things are better shared with the inbox option. That's just my opinion. There's alot of things I'd like to say at times, sometimes I say it anyways but most of the time I try to take a step back and rethink before I post certain things. There's also other ways to say things and there are guidelines to follow.

    I dont disagree with this at all. But, i also dont agree with publicly making someone an obvious inside joke. If it bothers someone than reaching out to say as much without trying to embarrass the person with the rest of the mob would probably be a more tactful approach. You know, maybe that inbox option you mentioned.....

    Wait! You mean all of it is not some sort of joke? Not that any of my posts had anything to do with it, but still.
  • NoHookUpZoneNoHookUpZone Member, Premium Posts: 1,532 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,532 Member

    Beautiful picture!
  • CaptainFantastic01CaptainFantastic01 Member Posts: 9,235 Member Member Posts: 9,235 Member
  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Member, Premium Posts: 252,824 Member Member, Premium Posts: 252,824 Member

    Absolutely gorgeous <3
  • Miss_Chievous_Miss_Chievous_ Member Posts: 279 Member Member Posts: 279 Member


    Rawr 😈😍
  • tams_89tams_89 Member Posts: 2,136 Member Member Posts: 2,136 Member
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