foods that you can eat on 1200 cal diet

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anyone can help with the foods that can be eaten on 1200 cal diet


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    All of them. Just track your intake.
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    ^ she's right.
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    You can eat one piece of cake that is 1200 calories or many healthier choices in foods that will fill you up over the course of a day, IE..Lean Proteins, Veggies, Fruits, Nuts etc...). So yes, you can eat anything, but is it always a wise choice?
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    anyone can help with the foods that can be eaten on 1200 cal diet

    Eat the foods that you love. Stay in a calorie deficit and lose weight. ☺

    Eat it. Enjoy it. Log it.
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    You can eat whatever you want! But focus on satiety inducing foods (high fibre, proteins, fats) as suggested above cause you’ll have a bad time if you don’t.

    Also, if you’re like me and love eating for volume then stock up on a bunch of low cal veggies like cabbage, spinach, etc and learn how to make them in a way that YOU enjoy. Learning how to work the numbers can honestly makes the nutrition part fun if your perspective is right! (:
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    I'll add nuance to your question. Foods that are healthy, filling, and can be tweaked / livened up.

    1. Celery
    2. Cucumbers
    3. Carrots (add all 3 together!)
    4. Salad

    Very low cal; I add a few croutons, then moderate or low cal dressing.

    Good luck.