How do you stay focused whilst IF at home?

Hi Everyone,

How do you stay focused when you're IF at home and bored? What are some of the things you do?



  • concordancia
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    Go for a walk

    Do puzzles

    Post here

    Learn a language on Duolingo


    Hula hoop

    Call my Mom

    Call my Mother in law


    Enter my meals for the rest of the day so that I know if I have any room to play with snacks

  • losergood2011
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    RJB_OO7 wrote: »
    Hi Everyone,

    How do you stay focused when you're IF at home and bored? What are some of the things you do?


  • losergood2011
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    I takes hot bath. Do yoga or Edmonds White stretches ride my horses clean crafts etc.
  • SERmom3
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    Brush my teeth! 😄 The minty flavor keeps me from wanting to eat something.
  • lucyluvhandles
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    Walk my dogs 🐕🐕🐕🐕
    Put on a good movie or tv show
    Clean my house for the 2nd time of the day
    Go to the gym
  • elleelleempea
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    Organize something, anything!
    Contemplate how the world has changed in my years and think of how it will look when I’m 70!
    Think about how to be more effective and organized at work and life in general .... and then remember that I do this daily but never follow through on my action plans...
    Research random topics that pop in to my brain
  • d805
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    Lots of coffee and staying occupied. Cleaning or projects around the house.
  • RovP6
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    Stay focused :) Coffee helps, drink lots of water. Try not to think about when your first meal is (you're now going to think exactly that). Get out of the house and go for a walk.
  • Machka9
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    I "accidentally" do something like IF on weekends at home.

    I stop eating about 11 pm ... but I'm still up doing the last few things on a uni assignment or another project. Then I go to bed and read a while and finally fall asleep about 1 am.

    I'm so tired these days that on weekends, I sleep through till about 11 am.

    And of course, as usual, I'm not hungry when I wake up. I usually have "breakfast" at about 1 pm.

    So ... sleep! It works! :)
  • lrsirius
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    Try to change my mindset from bored to restless which just means I need to take action, even if it’s just to make a cup of coffee. I’ll grab a glass of water and down it all. I found I just need a few minutes of distraction to forget about hunger or the need to eat something. Answering posts on here is also a great distraction—I probably derive more benefit from answering than the OP does from posting!
  • rosebarnalice
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    When I find myself heading for the kitchen out of boredom, I do a "water chug"--that is, I drink two or three glasses of water as fast as I can--so fast that it actually makes my tummy a little uncomfortable.

    Not only is the water good for me, that feeling of uncomfortable fullness reminds me that I'm not REALLY hungry, and I don't need to be futzing around in the kitchen!

    (tap water or room temperature works best for me-- I can't chug really cold water)
  • tlpina82
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    Lots of water and Playstation time.
    Also, i found that exercising breaks the hunger, so I tend to go out and lift weights when I am hungry. (Unless you're doing a 3 day fast. Then I wouldn't recommend that).

    Also, try going out of the house if you can. I found when we're home, the fridge is one of those Go-TO places.
  • RJB_OO7
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    Thanks for all the tips everyone, a lot of great advice that I'm definitely going to take in 💪🏽💪🏽🙂💯