How do you find time?



  • cayenne_007
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    The only support system I have is mfp - it's helped me tremendously. I force myself to log everything.....even the bad days (like yesterday) - had dr appt at lunch so no workout & more stuff after work. Wound up inhaling nachos & 2 big glasses of wine at 9:00. Made me that much more motivated today to be better. I also joined a couple of challenges on here - there's something to having to check in daily that forces me to stay at it.
  • hmhill17
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    I'm lucky enough to work from home. Wife and kids go out the door at 7:10. I go out at 7:15. Back home by 8 for shower, breakfast, and work by 830. The elliptical under the desk and, now, the hand weights next to me for some upper body.

    According to someone I used to work with, weather always permits a walk, as long as you have a spare pair of shoes a poncho, and a relatively safe area free of speeding morons who will hit you. He always took an hour for lunch and just walked around the parking lot the whole time, regardless of weather. He'd do about 3 miles a day that way.
  • Snickervc
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    We either go to they gym or on a walk first thing in the morning. Right now as I’m trying to build up endurance we are doing one or another in the evening as well.
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    Make the time and start slow. When I first started exercising, I started with walking on my 15 minute breaks at work. After awhile, I added a treadmill and bike at home that I got for free at the end of a yard sale. I am often interrupted by life (kids, grand kids, dogs, laundry, etc) while working out; that's OK. Take a break and then get back to it when you can. Get yourself a set of dumbbells and a do a few sets as you can. I have a weight lifting program that I follow but I don't necessarily do the whole work out at the same time. Sometimes I get in a few squats or lunges while turning over the laundry!

    Put your little on in a stroller and walk in the evenings. Put on music and dance with you kiddo. There are a million little ways to work in "working out". It doesn't need to mean getting up extra early or sacrificing time with your kid. Do what works for you. Your the mom--you make the rules. Take your own path and enjoy the journey.
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    Mom of 2- Same with the schedule, I honestly have no more things I could squeeze into my day.

    Yup- 5:30am. But I really like sleep- so right now I just do it 3 days a week. I try to get something else in on Saturday and Sunday so I am still working out 5 days a week.
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    No kids, so not sure what your schedule with your child fully entails, but here's my typical day, no idea if this will offer some ideas:

    5 a.m - up. Throw on workout clothes, fill my water bottle, head to the gym/fitness center. No dilly-dallying around.
    6:45 a.m. - back home, shower, get ready for work. I found a cheater way to do my hair where I don't even do more than towel dry it and thrown in some mousse.
    No later than 8 a.m. off to work.
    I skip all my work breaks and work straight through the day (thankfully have that much flexibility) and just take like 10 minutes to quickly eat my lunch. This right here adds in a fair bit of time to my day!
    Home around 5/5:30 ish
    Cook, eat, relax, if things work out, I'll go horseback riding or go to my martial art class one or two nights/week
    In bed around 8, read for a bit, then lights out and sleep (I need my beauty rest - unfortunately I don't function on less than 8 hours of decent rest a night).

    I'm lucky in that I get one telecommute day each week, so I can often squeeze in things like laundry, some house cleaning, etc on that day.

    Most shopping or other running/errands I try to leave for the weekend unless it's just a small stop for one or two items/pet food/etc. I try to be sure my shopping trips are effective so there's not extra running I need to do during the week.

    I know children need time and energy - could you squeeze in a short workout in the mornings, and then do something active with your child in the evenings (park, playing active games, hiking, etc)?
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    you find the time where you can, doesnt matter when. before everyone gets up, at lunch, after bedtime, take a walk after dinner with the family (or by yourself). whatever and whenever you can fit it in.

  • kshama2001
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    In your shoes I’d start with walking as the weather permits. Put the toddler in the stroller and create the habit of a 15-20 minute walk nightly after dinner at first. Add more as you establish the routine. Maybe look for 15-20 minute strength training or yoga videos on YouTube for the mornings before work. I often walk laps around the house indoors in small segments. It all adds up

    I love the idea of walking with the toddler after dinner! Leave the dinner cleanup for the husband :lol:
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    I try to walk 30 to 40 minutes at lunch, weather permitting and as long as am not in an all day meeting. I have options in the building to walk inside if I can't get outside due to weather. At home, I have a CardioSlide (basically a treadmill that is powered by ME) I will do for maybe 10 minutes while watching a tv show. I've also started adding in doing some hand weights for a few reps and have a legmaster machine...also while watching tv.
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    Oh, I also do a few sets of wall push ups when I feel the urge...even at work!
  • kshama2001
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    My afternoons would be unendurable without my lunchtime exercise.

    When I worked in an office I did various things - walk, yoga, swim, workout (I joined a gym right down this street from work so I had this option.)

    I didn't have anyone waiting at home for me at the time, so if I needed more than an hour, I just worked later. This is not likely an option for you, but you could still do activities that take less time, like walking.