What did you treat yourself too once you reached target weight?!



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    Trip to Vegas with lots of new sexy dresses.
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    I promised myself one of my much loved takeaway foods, a 'Donner Kebab'. ........ however I was left thinking that it wasn't as amazing as I remembered.

    I hear you @Baz8755 . I was on a road trip with the OH, and we stopped at a motorway services for lunch. We went and bought a burger from a well know chain - we haven't had one in years. And you know what? It was rubbish. We won't be craving one of those again.

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    Hadn't really thought about it, tbh.

    Realistically, comprehensive blood work/serum chemistry panels even if I have to pay out of pocket for it.
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    Considering my goal is to lose at least 1/4 or my body weight, I'm just saving up for the 2 replacement wardrobes I'll need - the one at the halfway point and the one at the goal.
    If I want to do something ridiculous, I may go attempt some eating competition type thing like the 5 pound burrito or the 3 foot pizza.
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    I'm planning on my 1st Tattoo

    That's exactly what I did.
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    My reward(s) are more "intangible" and dealing with "mind-sets" kinda...just a whole new way of living and thinking and trying new and different things in every area of my life now. Getting out of my self-imposed "prisons/boxes" of "I could never do (fill in the blank) or I don't like (fill in the blank) or I've always hated (fill in the blank) and just sorta throwing "caution" to the wind and just trying new stuff (like beets and various foods I've shunned all my life), trying different clothing styles, and even getting my hair cut super cute and short (I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to). Even getting rid of toxic people, places and things instead of going along to get long type of deal.

    What did you treat yourself too once you reached target weight?!

    Living everyday as if it's my last, no longer holding grudges or nursing resentments/bitterness of any kind and accepting people, places and things for who/what they are and if they/it is not good for me or in any way crazy-making for me and the person, place or thing and visa versa...I SEE YA AND BYE and WISH YOU THE BEST, BUT I'M OUTTA HERE, PERIOD. Simply living and thinking a completely more simple and different way!
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    Lash extensions
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    Tattooed eyeliner. SO convenient.
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    Got my wedding ring resized, almost two sizes smaller.
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    I actually weighed in at a pound under my third, and probably final, goal yesterday.

    I ordered a Vitamix blender as a reward.

    Almond milk has been one of the foundations of my weight loss. (“Old Me” used to drink a couple of gallons of milk a week.). I make a lot of almond milk, and my nutribullet just can’t keep up. A neighbor let me try his vitamix and it blew me away. It took just a few seconds to make two quarts, and with about half as much pulp left over.

    I’m also ordering a couple of gorgeous, high end workout leggings, instead of my usual $11 Amazon’s cheapies. Not to knock them. I love them, but just to strut around in a pair of colorful Dia de los Muertos leggings would be a thrill of the highest order.