Best exercises for weak knees?



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    I forgot to mention you might try rowing (or rowing machine), kayaking or canoeing. I did rowing for a while but ultimately found that boring.

    Rowing boats is way more fun than rowing machines, if you ask me. ;)

    Just my opinon, of course.

    Rowing (boat or machine) is also a thing my knees will tolerate, as I've learned that straight-line hinge motions may hurt somewhat, but don't normally result in overall worsening. Lots of regular walking, any running, sports that require lots of impact or torque on the knee (like tennis, aerobic dance, etc.): No go. OwOwOw at the time, and they make the condition worse.

    So, rowing and spinning (plus occasional real cycling) work for me . . . but it matters what your specific condition is.
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    I haven’t really been able to do squats since high school—I sprained my knee once at a sports practice and that knee has been really easily injured since. Its probably just my form, but I have managed to injure myself any time I try them so I’ve been avoiding them, especially now that the easily sprained knee is my “good” one and my other knee acts up more
    Form is easy to fix:

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    I'm 43. Have had 13 knee surgeries, including partial replacements on both knees. Will need replacement of the replacements in about seven years as they are expected to wear out, but I couldn't walk without pain, so there weren't many other options. I have found elliptical to be great, also cycling- I even took spin classes for a long time. Also, I was able to tolerate walking up and down stairs so incorporated that into my workout at my multi-level gym. I can't tolerate rowing though. Many, but not all, yoga poses were beneficial to me too. You really need to play around a bit and find out what works for you.