Has anyone tried Metabolic Renewal?

I watched the whole presentation and I’m not sure whether or not to try it. I’m going through early menopause and my weight is all in my belly. No matter what I do it’s not going away. I’m wondering if anyone has tried it and seen results?


  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,970 Member
    Don't be suckered in by a bunch of nonsense.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,345 Member
    Ya what? never heard of it and would be very skeptical.
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    Losing weight is a good way to save money, just eat less than you burn. Spending way too much isn't necessary.