What's your Kryptonite

What is your weakness when it comes to food? What are you doing to overcome this weakness?


  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,971 Member
    My weakness was gumdrops. I had them every night.

    I tossed them day one of starting mfp. I haven't had one since nor do I go down the candy aisle at the grocery store.
  • lgfrie
    lgfrie Posts: 1,447 Member
    Any form of: wafer bar/cookie, likely surrounded with chocolate, and combining "sweet" and "salty" together (such as peanut butter/chocolate). Exhibit A:


    I overcame this by simply never eating it. I just had to put it on the "never" list. If I have one, I will have the whole box. It's dead to me, until Goal Weight. Then, I'll probably have a few, one time.
  • lady_bug_jd
    lady_bug_jd Posts: 220 Member
    Mine is bread (any kind - bagels, buns, etc) and potato chips.

    I put bread in the freezer now and only take out a slice or 2 at a time.

    I generally don’t keep chips in the house anymore. I have popcorn and pretzels in if I want a crunchy snack. If I really wanted chips I would buy a small bag only.
  • tcunbeliever
    tcunbeliever Posts: 8,272 Member
    Ice cream, either soft server or fresh from the creamery...so yum...mostly not easy to find either, so kind of easy to avoid.
  • hungrywombat
    hungrywombat Posts: 47 Member
    Cereal. Just about any kind, with nice cold whole milk. Comfort food and hangover food in one.
  • springlering62
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    edited September 2019
    These. There’s something about them that drives me wild. I used to salivate for Easter candy to hit the shelves. I would rotate stores for fear cashiers would recognize me. I would literally eat two or three bags, or the giant Walmart special “family” bag a day, for the two months run up to Easter, and then the day after I would get up early, and go buy all the half price bags I could, split them between home and office, and hide them.

    This Easter, I told myself I could have one bag for a pig out. I surprised myself by making it last a week.
  • PapillonNoire
    PapillonNoire Posts: 76 Member
    Homemade chocolate chip cookies. I make them only once or twice a year and indulge to my heart's content on those days.
  • vanityy99
    vanityy99 Posts: 2,575 Member
    Doggone it.....

    Oh *kitten* ya true that.
  • jelleigh
    jelleigh Posts: 726 Member
    Zesty cheese doritos. And rye and diet coke. Usually together. I can't keep it in the house otherwise I will eat the whole bag. And feel like garbage the next day. Man even typing this makes me want them!! Lol.
  • bretelgeuse
    bretelgeuse Posts: 11 Member
    Potato chips. I try to just buy a mini bag if i buy any at all that way if i devour that entire bag (as im apt to do) at least its just a mini one lol
  • koalathebear
    koalathebear Posts: 236 Member
    I have a very sweet tooth. Chocolate, biscuits, cake, slices, ice cream ... I also bread pasta, rice, potatoes ... Basically everything that's high in calories :D It was harder for me in the earlier days but as I approach maintenance, I've been happy that I can still eat everything I like as long as it's in my budget. On some days, if something's too expensive, I save it for myself for the next day when I have a topped up budget :D It is hard for me to just stop at one sometimes, so I do have to do additional exercise to offset my vast array of kryptonite :D
  • Danp
    Danp Posts: 1,561 Member
    I have a bit of a sweet tooth but I just don't see that (or any food choice) as a 'weakness' to be overcome and defeated. I refuse to moralise food.

    One of the keys to my success losing weight this time that sets it apart from the years of failed attempts is that this time I have outright refused to make any changes that I can't commit to forever. I realised that previously I had made temporary changes in order to lose weight and those temporary changes all lead to temporary results. As soon as I stopped the temporary changes I went right back where I started.

    There's just no way I'm going to spend there rest of my life denying and depriving myself things that I enjoy so I denial and deprivation can't be a part of my weight management approach. I know what I like so I just make what I like work.
  • figyello
    figyello Posts: 34 Member
  • I am obsessed with Mediterranean Mint Gelato from Talenti. I think it is just so good! However, my diet is just calorie restriction and if I’m good about previous meals and I don’t snack. Then I allow myself just some of it.
  • MercuryForce
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    edited September 2019
    Potato chips, specifically sour cream and cheddar. At work, my desk is "the candy desk" and I can limit myself to one or fewer pieces a day, no problem. But, I can't have chips in my house because I will crush a whole bag in a day, even if I have good intentions and start out weighing them.

    If I buy them now, it's got to be in the small bag and then I eat them and am done.
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 6,369 Member
    Today it was a cinnamon roll and 2 bowls of salted caramel ice cream.