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Talking to a Loved One About Weight Loss



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    To add to the discussion, i believe that it's easier and sometimes more helpful to hear from someone who is not close to you. Definitely not a family member. In my case, it was a doctor that suggested i give it another go. I told my history with yoyo dieting and the fact that at the end, i was left with extra 10 lbs from where i started and that i have given up on being able to lose weight. But i was looking at possibly having a carpal tunnel surgery, which i didn't want. So he was losing weight himself, and we had a good honest discussion. He was eating prepackaged meals though, which i didn't want. So i did a little looking around, found MFP, made my own food, learned proper portion sizes, stayed in the deficit and bingo! Almost 3 years in maintenance. My daughter found MFP through friend, and we have an open communication on the weight subject. My son just gets annoyed and upset no matter how i approach the topic with him. Seems like even if i just mind my own food, he takes jabs at me. Which was very hurtful, so i talked to him about how unfair he's being and it's stopped. But ultimately, person has to be ready to choose to lose weight.
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