I cried when i look at the scale

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I’ve been dealing with anxiety for my body since i was in high school.
I was ugly and overweight.
However, due to some bad events in life and a little bit of bullying, i took a lot of self care and i look like this recently! (50,2kg)
My heaviest weight was 59,6kg and my lowest was 48,4kg.
I have never been so happy in my life.
However, my goal was 47kg and my weight NOW is 50.2kg.
I am devastated whenever i look at the scale and became so depressed when i gain weight/when the scale isn’t showing a decrease.
I want to stop being too affected by looking at the numbers on the scales because sometimes it triggers my depression and it makes my cry.
How do you stay positive even after seeing the disappointing numbers on the scale?
If you have some weight loss tips or workout tips that can really help me to lose that 3kgs and build my body muscle, i would really appreciate it!
Thank you o:)


  • aedw1122
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    I know I shouldn’t rely too much on the scale but I can’t help myself to be too be affected by the numbers. On some occasions i do cry after seeing the unwanted numbers. I just wanna know how some of you keep the positivity in your journey even after seeing the disappointing numbers on the scale
  • igutt
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    A number on a scale means nothing for example 90 kilos (200lbs) for me is heavy but Brock Lesnar at 200 is going to be tiny so it’s just a number.

    Rely on the mirror more and rely on performance even more and just try have fun everyday
  • robbell678
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    A litre of water has a 1 kilogram mass and that's about 2 lbs. Water is biggest enemy of scale peepers,...you look great! I look at my body mass as a sponge, I can adjust its weight by controlling water to some degree. That scale doesn't care about you,..so maybe don't care about it?
  • RelCanonical
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    Don't rely too much on the scale. It's a guideline not an end-all. It gives you an idea of around where you should be, but go based on how your body feels and how clothes fit, especially if you strength train.
  • girlwithcurls2
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    It's a number. I can't give it the power of making me happy or depressed. The number is going to change over time, short time (daily and weekly variances) and long term as I age. If I was going to be depressed because it doesn't give me my weight in my 20s anymore, I'd be on medication. Instead, I focus on being strong and fitting well into my clothes. In my 20s, I was quite sedentary and not very strong. Now, because I strength train and do lots of other activities, I can do what I want, when I want to do it. That's my focus. I'm more upset when I have a crummy run and I know it's because I have slacked off the exercise.
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    I also cried when I looked at the scale...at the Walmart deli. It read $9.79/pound for sliced turkey breast.
    But you have a lovely physique.
  • aedw1122
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    Thank you for the kind words everyone. I will try my best to love my body more and stop focusing too much on the numbers..
    Your words mean so much to me.
    I hope you’d always find joy in your fitness journey!
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    Could you put your scale away, out of sight? Please love your body and look after yourself.
  • TravisJHunt
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    Your body looks great, and I mean that smile on that face is pretty spectacular too. I might get the neon yellow color of the skin on your face looked at though!