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At goal but still not happy....

82EC82EC Posts: 123Member Member Posts: 123Member Member
So I reached my goal weight of below 70kg last week, a loss of around 38kg. But when I took my measurements I was dismayed to find that my proportions have changed compared to before I got fat. I am now bust 94 waist 77, hip 102 instead of bust 94, waist 74, hip 104. I have become more of a box shape and it is making me feel really ugly. I want to find a partner but I’m convinced no guy will find me attractive if I lose my figure - the whole point of dieting so much was to get it back! Added to which I don’t look good because I still have grabbable fat on my stomach. I just don’t know what to do. I am tired of losing things I like (it has happened in other parts of my life as well) so does anyone know what I can do to get my correct measurements back? Will losing more weight (say another 5-10kg) help? Right now I am so depressed I keep eating which is not good.


  • threewinsthreewins Posts: 220Member Member Posts: 220Member Member
    Congratulations on getting to goal weight! Sorry that your final measurements aren't to your ideal but... at 70 kg you have a 25 cm difference between your waist and your hips. That's a lot. Give it some time to get used to your new shape. As jelleigh said, no man is going to be so picky about body dimensions of a potential partner that they'll quibble about a cm or two.
  • iguttigutt Posts: 64Member Member Posts: 64Member Member
    True happiness comes from within and not achieving something, you need to be happy with your current self with all its “flaws” but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to change it but being happy with it will take so much stress off of you and everything else will become easier including losing weight.
  • naomi8888naomi8888 Posts: 476Member Member Posts: 476Member Member
    This part

    "A few extra inches here and a few less inches there isn't going to turn a guy off. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that this isn't something that is even going to get even a passing consideration. No guy is gonna look at a girl and think 'Oh man, if only her hips were imperceptibly wider and her waist unnoticeably thinner I'd go talk to here in a heartbeat'. We just don't have that stringent requirements and even when we do have a particular body shape/type/figure that we tend to find attractive it's a very general thing and rather than specific measurements. We're really just not that picky."

    Also are you exercising? That may change your body composition.
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Posts: 4,742Member Member Posts: 4,742Member Member
    So, someone else already asked this and it didn’t get answered. I’m confused by the measurements given. I had to run them through a converter, but you lost 83 lbs, bust the same, waist larger, and hips less than an inch smaller? Where did the lost weight come from? Also, your waist when you weighed 238 lbs was only 29 inches? Are these the correct measurements?
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Posts: 1,016Member Member Posts: 1,016Member Member
    Excellent discussion point, thank you. Seem to me that my brain doesn't register my weight loss yet. After years and years of gaining weight I have now lost a fair amount, my old outfits had to go, I move much easier, sometimes people comment positively, but when I look in the mirror I don't really see any change. My mind needs to adjust as well and that seems to take time. There is also an article on MFP on changes of body composition - the body itself needs to adjust to a much smaller volume as well - different balance when moving, feeling the cold much more during winter months, smaller meal portions needed, smaller shoe size, wedding ring falling off finger, so much more floppy skin - (where does that come from?) I just put it all to "the wondrous human body" and try not to think about it. Trust MFP, appreciate the support of all those members, take it day by day, meal by meal.
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