Breakfast Protein without fat?

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Besides egg whites, whey powder and cottage cheese, what do you do for high protein breakfast without fat?


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    Oops, never mind, little protein (deleted)
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    You mean NO fat, or a little is okay? I'm a big fan of eggs at breakfast, but chicken breast has a good protein to fat ratio. You could scramble up some egg whites with chopped chicken breast in it, if it doesn't make you feel squirrelly to have possibly the whole chicken life span on your plate haha.
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    I like some fat for breakfast, like nut butter or eggs, because it keeps me full longer. But if I wasn’t wanting fat, I’d probably eat fat free plain yogurt or cottage cheese, or put protein powder into a smoothie.
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    Besides egg whites, whey powder and cottage cheese, what do you do for high protein breakfast without fat?

    I don't, but the answer is pretty much whatever you do for other meals for protein without fat (or with very little fat) -- chicken breast, turkey breast, 0% greek yogurt, etc.

    Personally I like moderate protein breakfasts with some fat -- couple (whole!) eggs, veg, maybe avocado or smoked salmon or fruit or cottage cheese (1 or 2%) on the side. Varies in protein and fat content, but I don't notice a big difference for the day.

    Even when I was doing smoothies in the summer (for example strawberries, half an avocado, kale, fennel, homemade cashew milk, some tofu or greek yogurt, maybe some hemp seeds, for just one example), I'd make sure to include sources of fat.
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    You know that fat is necessary for the padding and lining of your nerves and brain, right? Not to mention skin health.

    If you want to go low-fat, go low fat, but don't go no-fat. A sustained no-fat diet can kill you. Look up "rabbit starvation".
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    Many of my breakfasts are low fat, not on purpose, that's just the type of foods that I like to eat in the morning. The proteins that I use are mostly higher protein non-fat milk, 0% plain Greek yogurt, and a variety of protein powders in smoothies or oatmeal.
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    Breakfast burritos with egg whites, Turkey sausage, salsa, low fat cheese, and a wheat tortilla. My go to breakfast.

    Or sirloin and eggs with wheat toast. Maybe swap the eggs for egg whites if you want.
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    I struggle with my daily fat content! I needed this forum, thanks for asking this question and thanks to all the suggestions!
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    Shrimp and grits