What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



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    I’ll check it out. Always looking for good shows! Thanks!!
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    My petty reason is that a doctor said I couldn't.

    Seriously, I was referred to an orthopedist of all people, and he said "Let's be real, you're never going to lose the weight" and offered me a card for his friend that does WLS.

    From my primary care doctor who knows me and has charted my progress and knows that although I'm heavy I have no blood pressures/diabetes/pre-diabetes issues, and that I gained the last bit of weight during an extremely difficult period while I was on medication and had untreated hypothyroidism, I WANT to be able to have a discussion about my weight. With the guy who is supposed to tell me if I need ankle surgery who also has a physique like Santa Claus himself?

    Not so much.

    What a terrible and unprofessional physician. It’s infuriating to read this. They probably feel disgusting about themselves to actually say something like this. Continue your journey and show them!
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    chloecola wrote: »
    I like feeling beautiful for myself.
    There is no way to word this without being conceited, but I'm a union carpenter and a waitress and soon to be a bartender... so I'm constantly getting hit on, numbers, etc... and it's very uncomfortable mostly because I dont see my beauty for myself. And I want to re-create that space. I lost 77 lbs last year and felt beautiful. And then I regained 35 of it because I let the stress of living in a bad relationship take over... now I'm 8 lbs of that down and still going and so excited to start glowing again 💕

    Oh man how i agree with you. I actually lost 55lbs and maintained it for 2 years. I've gained 25 lbs back due when i got in a relationship. I just don't feel i have the confidence i did back then. I felt beautiful, strong, and healthy. I want heads to turn when I strut my stuff. hahah or at least a glance.