Curious: do you track on Thanksgiving (or any holiday)?

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Personally I do. Obviously I'm less strict, not as exact (usually just general estimates), and I often eat over my goal, but I like tracking on holidays/keeping a record. Just wondering what you guys do?


  • corinasue1143
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    Log breakfast as usual. Log dinner as usual. Lunch is quick add=probably 1000 calories(quick rough estimate).
  • LyndaBSS
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    I’ll make a note of what I’m eating and log it as best I can.
  • PrismaticPhoenix
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    I've only recently started tracking and I'm really curious about how people handle this (and eating over at other people's houses / eating out) where they don't cook the food. My sister's birthday is coming up in addition to the topical Thanksgiving and I admit to being somewhat concerned about how I'm going to log them both,
  • sugarcakes38
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    Will log breakfast and anything else before we leave our house (thanksgiving at my moms). I won’t be toting my food scale. Like Nighthawk, a picture and/or discreet list to refer to later should suffice.
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    When I was actively logging and keeping a deficit (I have been in maintenance for a while), I did not log on Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, and usually took a few other days off too. I do a lot of the cooking on these holidays, but not all, and in that there's no way to be accurate with dishes others make it just seems kind of pointless. I also had no plan to keep a deficit on those days. Part of why I enjoyed using a food scale is that I don't really like estimating, so this worked better for me.

    About halfway into my deficit/logging I also decided that it was a pain to try and log restaurant meals, so I would normally just eat lightly the rest of the day and log 1000 for the restaurant meal (or whatever seemed a reasonable estimate).
  • pancakerunner
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    Nope! I actually quit tracking everything all together and haven't logged for 2 months :) I am doing intuitive eating. (I eat whole natural foods and avoid added sugar and processed foods.) I am loving the freedom from feeling worried, paranoid, and bad all the time :) I am finally free from the shackles or worrying about calories and weight¬ <3

    good for you :blush:
  • Luke_rabbit
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    I started tracking this year in July. I did not track at all during a one week vacation. I do not plan to track on Thanksgiving, our birthdays and anniversary (which is actually all on the same day), and Christmas. I've considered just doing a day estimate of what feels reasonable (1800, 2000, etc).
  • apullum
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    I log, and bank calories ahead of a holiday to a reasonable extent.
  • beachwalker99
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    I don't plan to log over most of Thanksgiving weekend and will also take another break around Christmas. It just isn't practical for me to carry a food scale or measure out my food. That doesn't mean I won't be mindful of food choices and portion sizes or ignore my body's cues. I may see a bounce on the scale, but much of it will likely be gone within a week once I get back to my routine of daily weigh-ins and tracking my calories. I'm in this for the long haul, so taking a little longer to reach my goal is, for me, the less stressful route.
  • maureenkhilde
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    Yes, I will. It is at my house, I am making the food. The more challenging for me is the Christmas Eve/Christmas day.
    But even for this Thursday I am saving about 100 calories each day for that pie!
  • Idontcareyoupick
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    I just guesstimate and call it good. Get in a walk also
  • mtaratoot
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    Every day, even if it's just a guess.

    I don't have special plans for Thanksgiving, so it will be just another day, except I won't have to go to work. Yay!

    When I go on river trips or dive trips, I have created a recipe I put in my diary that I expect comes ~close~ to what I eat, on average. It's just three ingredients -- carbs, fat, and protein. I enter them in the percentage that matches what I set in my goals. For rafting, I estimate 3500 calories (way more than my 1771 goal, but I'm working hard). For diving, it's almost 4500 calories. If I was going to have a feast on Thanksgiving, I would probably make some good guesses and I might even try to log all the delicious foods I ate, or I'd do the SCUBA rations at a minimum.


    I even make estimates on a routine basis when I get food from the hot bar at our local coop. I don't trust that my guesses at similar items in the database would be more accurate.

    Every day!

    Log or not; enjoy the holiday if you can. I'll see you here after dessert :smile:
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