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    We are supposed to get crappy weather tonight and into tomorrow. Instead of skipping the gym, like I considered, I am going to just drive slow and take it easy getting there. It's only like a mile, and the weather is supposed to stay above freezing till tomorrow. So while it will be wet, I likely won't be dealing with any ice. No excuses!

    I'm not sure if I want to run intervals on the treadmill or go on the bike and read a book. I love running and can go forever outside. When it gets cold I lose the motivation to run outdoors. My dogs are my running buddies. I have one little female, sweet as can be, and I have one, rather large, leash reactive male. He goes absolutely bonkers, barking and snarling, trying to get to other dogs or very occassionally men when he sees them on our run. I can manage him well, and take precautions, and we've got a system that has not failed us in his almost 7 years. No bite record for my boy! I don't think he would bite but I'm not taking any risks.
    So, when cold comes and I have to worry about ice in addition to his antics, it makes me hesitate to take him out. I can still run with my other dog but I feel so guilty leaving him home. So, I take them to a secure, fenced area for exercise and then run on my own at the gym.

    This was a lot longer than I wanted it to be. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

    What kind of dogs? Just wondering which are good to jog with but cuddle too. I'm thinking about getting one but going to foster from CARL 1st.