Exercising before or after work?



  • amy19355
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    If I can't get to the gym, then I like to break my workout into short sessions of 15 minutes because it's easier to find 15 free minutes a couple times a day. It's harder to find a 30 minute chunk of time, for me.

    I chose a gym near to my office, and am fortunate to have a long enough lunch time that I can get there 2x a week to work with a trainer. I really like the mid-day workout time slot the best; it's something to look forward to (leaving the office) and is followed by a nice sense of self-satisfaction.

    I've got a nice bodyweight workout I do at home, sometimes as 3 x 10 minute sessions, or other times as 2 x 15 minute sessions, and rarely as a 1 x 30 minute session.

    good luck to you!
  • lcatalan93
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    I workout after work if you feel like if you go home and then dont have any energy. I would pack your workout outfit change at work before you leave and then head to the gym maybe have a protein bar for energy? I usually do this and it helps me sleep better since I to am not a morning person. xD
  • zoom789
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    The best choice for you is the one you can do consistently. Don't mind getting up early? Go in the morning. But if you think 5 am is a good time to go to bed, early morning workouts may not be your cup of tea.

    You know your schedule better than we do. Figure out what you can do regularly without your work/family/body objecting too much and make it a habit.
  • invaderbree
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    Before for me. By the end of the day I have no energy and would likely skip it. Great start to my morning 🌞
  • Expat75
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    I’m a morning person and cannot motivate to go after work, but where I live (France) gyms don’t even open until 8, a few at 7:30. (Not really a 24/7 culture here.) So I bit the bullet and bought an elliptical bike for my apartment - at a minimum, I can do 15-20 minutes on that before my shower and I’ve done at least something. On a great morning, I’ll do 30-45 minutes elliptical plus some strength work, squats abs etc, on a mat, and really feel I’ve put in a good session. Gyms now are for weekends, and the rare evening when I can motivate to do a class or something. You can adapt a routine that works for you (and btw a floor workout at home can be every bit as solid as a weights session if you really need it to be!)
  • jlhalley7835
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    For me I always go before. If I wait until after It’s tremendously harder to give the type of effort I need to give to make the workout worth while. I get to the gym bw 4:30 and 5 am and workout until 6 am and head to work immediate following. It gives a good boost of energy throughout the day, and I don’t have problems falling asleep like I did when I was working out at 6 pm.
  • gillianlsteele
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    I have to admit I usually train in the mornings at 5am, and on cardio days I train twice a day 5am and 5pm. I find when I train in the morning I'm alot more alert in the day and I find my mound is better and I'm also sleeping alot better
  • DanyellMcGinnis
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    I do yoga for a half hour in the morning, really helps me work some of the stiffness out. But then I do cardio and weights in the evening, just so I have time. Otherwise I'd be getting in to the office at like 11 AM and staying until 8 PM or something and that won't work for me.