Need to Lose 25 lbs Who’s with me?



  • Marieskindl
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    Oh, sorry I didn't realise putting the http in would bring up the video,
  • Jessie2719
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    Hi! I've got 35lbs to lose and also doing IF! I find it easier to motivate myself with other people on my fitness Pal newsfeed. Please can you add me!? Jess x
  • Chrisjbrawn
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    Hey I'll add you ask a friend and see how you do I'm after losing about 50lbs at least
  • TrueGrit732
    TrueGrit732 Posts: 52 Member
    I initially needed to drop 20 but after xmas break I need to drop 25-30lbs. 😶
  • nickylee76
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    Similar goal here. 20-25 pounds. Mostly just trying to eat cleanish again and log my foods. Of course plan on working out at least 4 days a week. I’ve done it before so I know I can do it again.
  • katonfire1
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    Meeeee!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I plan on trying to lose 30 to 50 pounds hopefully by October 2020!
  • dudleycallison
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    I’m in! How do I add people to track our progress together?
  • Weigo2020
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    @TrueGrit732 @katonfire1 I’m with you guys. I gained 7 pounds since the beginning of November!!😬
  • Weigo2020
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    @dudleycallison from the phone app at the bottom of the screen tap on the “more” with three dots underneath it and then find “fiends” and tap on that. From there you can add friends. But I’ll add you
  • Weigo2020
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    @Cspdb3 wow 39 lbs! Very inspiring!!
  • Weigo2020
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    @nrazborsek i don’t have any pointers at this moment except meal planning has been very helpful especially if you’re busy. and getting rid of the junk in your cabinets so there’s no temptation. Also telling your support system that you are on this plan.
  • squirley13
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    RMOMMY0306 wrote: »
    I’ve heard this detox helps the body in many different ways. For your sugar detox how long will you do it for?

    I’m promising to myself for lifelong! Started last year and there are, of course, some slip ups but I think 🤔 I can count on one hand how many times of processed sugar and more times of fruit and starches. My goal is zero grains for sure! I have only messed up if they are hidden. I don’t want anything that spikes an insulin response so I be more metabolic stable and strong.
  • dudleycallison
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    Thanks Weigo2020 !
  • Weigo2020
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    edited December 2019
    Everyone, since there's been more replies than I counted on, I've started a group called "Lose 25 lbs in 2020." I've sent you all an invite to that group. No pressure to accept, only if you want to be able to share your successes and challenges within a group setting and bounce ideas and get support. Otherwise, we can still do that one on one as friends.
  • blankr3
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    I'm in
  • Born2Run1958
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    I am starting back on Keto today. Had success before, but need to get back at full speed. The first 2 weeks is the hardest, but I am up for the challenge. Hope there are others here to want to join the journey. I can use all the help I can get. Cheers to all and Happy 2020!
  • annliz23
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    phinners wrote: »
    Me. Christ knows how though. Im on about 25 tablets a day and getting nowhere.but im trying one last time!

    Have faith you can do it it take time, often I am static but I refuse to give up , use the support of friends on here to motivate you when you see how others are doing it helps you to keep trying to when you realise you are not on your own!
  • martinpwilkins
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    Worked for me. Started January ‘19. Dropped 28 pounds. Exercise. Restraint and of course Ozempic. Just coming off a 72 hour fast to wash out all the Christmas sugar. 👍
  • Weigo2020
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    Happy New Year's Eve! If you haven't received an invite to the Lose 25 lbs in 2020 Group, and you wish to join, here is the link to the page:

    Have fun everyone and be safe tonight!