Just give me one month - December



  • Freeglerock
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    Starting weight 15st 8.5
    Start weight this month 14st 12.1
    Goal weight this month 14st 8
    Target goal weight 11st 0

    Started 9th Nov.  Nov lost: 10.4lb

    01 Dec: 14st 12.8 (+0.7lb) - Impact of Chinese takeaway on Friday and cinema popcorn yesterday...
    02 Dec: 14st 11.7 (-1.1lb / -0.4lb) -  mainly water loss, but I'm happy
    03 Dec: 14st 11.5 (-0.2lb / -0.6lb)
    04 Dec: 14st 9.9 (-1.6lb / -2.2lb) - Been on track this week, but surprise at this movement.
    05 Dec: 14st 10.1 (+0.2lb / -2.0lb)
    06 Dec: 14st 9.5 (-0.6lb / -2.6lb) - Still on track with food, but really need to do some exercise!
    07 Dec: 14st 9.2 (-0.3lb / -2.9lb) - Food under goal and had active day yesterday 12.8k steps.
    08 Dec: 14st 9.1 (-0.1lb / -3.0lb)
    09 Dec: 14st 8.7 (-0.4lb / -3.4lb) still keeping to goal calories.  Also trying in drink more water. 
    10 Dec: 14st 7.9 (-0.8lb /  -4.2lb). Really happy.  Have now lost just over a stone since starting my weight loss about a month ago!  Have now also hit my goal for December - I will keep going though as I know there may be a bit of excessive eating later in the month that needs negating!
    11 Dec: 14st 7.5 (-0.4lb / -4.6lb)
    12 Dec: 14st 6.7 (-0.8lb / -5.4lb) TOTM started yesterday, and am feeling so hungry.  My goal is set to 1.5lb a week in MFP, but think I need to raise my calories allowed to get through TOTM without a huge binge.
    13 Dec: 14st 7.7 (+1.0lb / -4.4lb).  Only ate just over 900 cal yesterday - had planned a special pudding to have once kids had gone to bed, but started having horrendous period cramps, so just crawled in bed and  stayed there and never finished what I had planned to eat.  Will have to figure out how to fit it into today's budget!  Assuming the fluctuations are TOTM relates so trying not the get frustrated with an increase in the scales!
    14 Dec: 14st 5.9 (-1.8lb / -6.2lb)
    15 Dec: 14st 6.2 (+0.3lb / -5.9lb) Went to an all you can eat pan Asian restaurant yesterday.  I was very reserved and didn't stuff myself - only real naughtiness was the bottle of prosecco... needless to say, went over my calorie goal (but I believe less than maintenance).
    16 Dec: 14st 4.8 (-1.4lb / -7.3lb)
    17 Dec: 14st 4.4 (-0.4lb / -7.7lb) Have had a couple of weird days where I have eaten very little until evening dinner (where I then eat majority of calorie allowance) which seems to be paying off on the scales.
    18 Dec: 14st 3.4 (-1.0lb / -8.7lb) woohoo!  (But not sure where that came from, last few days losses more than I was expecting, but not complaining as I am sure scales will go up soon as the Christmas festivities get started!
    19 Dec: 14st 2.9 (-0.5lb / -9.2lb)
    20 Dec:
    21 Dec:
    22 Dec:
    23 Dec:
    24 Dec:
    25 Dec:
    26 Dec:
    27 Dec:14st 9.2 (+6.3 / -2.9lb) oh dear, I have been so bad, so very very bad.  Back on it now to see if I can drop just over a lb in the next few days to make my goal for the month! 😣🤦
    28 Dec: 14st 8.0 (-1.2lb / -4.1lb) December goal 😊 Again 😂Hopefully I can keep it off this time (despite the trifle calling so loudly from the fridge!)
    29 Dec: 14st 6.9 (-1.1lb / -5.2lb) Yay! I know this is mainly water, but glad the extra lbs are coming off as easily as they went back on!
    30 Dec: 14st 6.2 (-0.7lb / -5.9lb)
    31 Dec: 14st 4.4 (-1.8lb / -7.7lb) Really pleased with the final loss.  Bit gutted with my 6lb gain over the week of Xmas - I really should have checked the scales each day, if I had realised sooner, I may have made better choices sooner.

    Have really found this motivating!  Wishing you all a very happy New Year x
  • kellyswimmer
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    Starting weight 12.06
    Start weight this month 10.03
    Goal weight this month 9.13
    Target goal weight 9.10

    May lost 4 pounds
    June lost 6 pounds
    July lost 4 pounds
    August lost 4 pounds
    Sept lost 5 pounds
    Oct lost 4 pounds
    Nov lost 4 pounds

    We can do this

    01 Dec: YES 10.02 met goal for November 1 day late. Not sure this weight will hold though. Got in late last night did not eat much all day.
    02 Dec: 10.03 back up. Late food.
    03 Dec: 10.02 back down
    04 Dec: 10.02 ok
    05 Dec: 10.03 back up. Wine last night.
    06 Dec: 10.03 need to try harder.
    07 Dec: 10.03
    08 Dec: 10.03 not been too good.
    09 Dec: 10.03. Will be a hard day. No sleep.
    10 Dec: 10.03. Finding this hard at the moment. 2 pounds away from healthy weight. I think because i dont look overweight anymore i have lost a bit of motivation. Must try harder today. Lots of water for a loss in the morning.
    11 Dec: 10.03
    12 Dec: 10.03. Must try much harder.
    13 Dec: yes 10.02. Not sure if i will get to goal this month but if i end month on 2/3 loss i will be happy.
    14 Dec: 10.02
    15 Dec: 10.02
    16 Dec: 10.02
    17 Dec: 10.02
    18 Dec: 10.03 4am weigh in. Not sure if i will loss anything this month. Finding it hard going.
    19 Dec: 10.03.
    20 Dec: 10.03. tried on a new party dress today. So happy with how it fitted. Maybe no weight loss this month but if I can stay at this weight I will be happy until Jan.
    21 Dec: 10.03
    22 Dec: 10.03 party last night. Too much wine.
    23 Dec: 10.03 early 4am weigh in.
    24 Dec: 10.02 😀
    25 Dec: 10.03 happy christmas xx
    26 Dec: 10.04 not too bad
    27 Dec: 10.04.
    28 Dec: 10 03 back to starting weight this month.
    29 Dec: 10 03 cannot seem to get back on track.
    30 Dec: 10.04 i really do need to get back on track.
    31 Dec 10.04 no loss this month then
  • KathynDes
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    Starting weight: 79.9Kg
    Current weight: 67.6/149
    Goal weight: 55 -60/ 121- 132
    December goal: 64kg/141

    Oct loss: 4.4kg/9.7
    Nov loss: 3kg/6.6

    01 Dec: 67.6/149 This month will be interesting
    02 Dec: 68/149.9 All from the weekend 😐 hopefully today’s efforts change the direction.
    03 Dec: 67.2/148.2 🙂 TOM
    04 Dec: 67.5/148.8 calories have been ok.
    05 Dec: 66.7/147
    06 Dec: 66.7/147 Cal’s ok, food TERRIBLE
    07 Dec: 66.5/146.6 Cal’s ok food 😔
    08 Dec: 66.3/146.1 Cal’s ok food 😔 went shopping for better food so hopefully I eat it!
    09 Dec: 66.1/145.7 Cal’s ok, moved treadmill from HOT garage to air conditioned office. Haven’t been using it for weeks 🥵 no excuse now!
    10 Dec: 66 /145.5 Cal’s ok food good
    11 Dec: 65.9/145.3 Cal’s a bit over, had a frozen drink guesstimated what I thought was a generous calorie amount got home and looked up real Cal’s 😱😱
    12 Dec: 65.9/145.3 Cal’s a bit over yesterday
    13 Dec: 66/145.5 Cal’s a bit over yesterday. Last day of school for the kids before 7 weeks off. I love school holidays but I think it will make things harder, have a plan so hoping to prove myself wrong 😃
    14 Dec: 65.7/ 144.8
    15 Dec: 65.7/144.8
    16 Dec: 66.1/145.7 🧐 it’s super hot here and I’ve puffed up again. Had to loosen my watch, belt and bra so I thought the number would actually be higher! Also went over in calories yesterday but not by much.
    17 Dec: 66.1/145.7 still hot, 4 hours sleep last night. Someone else on here mentioned they gain around ovulation... I have never noticed before but looking back over last three months, I have gained about 1Kg/2.2lbs in the same three days leading up. If it does it next month I’ll be convinced it’s not a coincidence. Not sure if it’s a fluid thing or a bad food choice thing (that adds fluid) because I know that’s a problem around there for me. I dislike cooking and I always end up baking something like biscuits or cheesecake something high Cal’s. So interesting!! 😃
    18 Dec:65.5
    19 Dec:65.7/144.8 no excercise just spring cleaning (AKA impending visit from Mother in Law and Great Mother in Law 😏 not sure if that’s a thing) not too worried about numbers going up, still puffy.
    20 Dec: 65.4/144.2
    21 Dec: 65.1/143.5 want to be extra good the next few days so I can finish the year under 65 which is my pre having babies weight (9 years ago!)
    22 Dec: 65.4/144.2
    23 Dec: 65.1
    24 Dec: 65/143.3
    25 Dec:
    26 Dec: 66/145.5 so much sugar 😳
    27 Dec: 66/145.5 might be hard to get weight down by the end of Dec TOM is due right at end of month.
    28 Dec: GASTRO 😱 the whole town seems to have it so I’m not taking it personally
    29 Dec: 65/143.3 nothing like vomiting for 12hrs to shrivel you up
    30 Dec:
    31 Dec: 65/143.3 no goal still happy and excited for the new year 🎉🥳HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, I hope 2020 is good to all of us and filled with peace, kindness and laughs and love 💫
  • bstanford510
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    Starting weight: 170.8
    Starting weight this month: 145.6
    Goal weight this month: 139
    Target goal weight: I’m not sure yet, shooting for 130 first.

    August: lost 5.5 pounds
    September: lost 5 pounds
    October: lost 10 pounds
    November: lost 5 pounds

    Up 2 pounds from my lowest weight in November, 143.6 because Thanksgiving 😁

    01 Dec: 145.6
    02 Dec: 145.2
    03 Dec: 143.8 🙂
    04 Dec: 143.4 ⬇️
    05 Dec: 142.8 👏🏻
    06 Dec: 143.4 high sodium dinner last night
    07 Dec: 142.6
    08 Dec: 142.2 went to a Christmas party last night, had pizza and dessert.
    09 Dec: 143.0
    10 Dec: 142.2
    11 Dec: 142.6
    12 Dec: 141.2 😁
    13 Dec: 140.2 That’s 30 pounds lost! 👏🏻
    14 Dec: 138.8 😱 shocked at this number because I had Alfredo for dinner. Must have been holding on to a lot of water previous to this week.
    15 Dec: stayed at a hotel after Christmas party last night, couldn’t weigh.
    16 Dec: 140.6 not too bad after the amount of food and drinking I did Saturday.
    17 Dec: 140.4
    18 Dec: 141.2 need to 💩, other than that I have no idea why 😂
    19 Dec: 139.8 better
    20 Dec: 140.6 😑
    21 Dec: 140.0
    22 Dec: 139.8 bloated
    23 Dec: 140.6
    24 Dec: 139.0
    25 Dec: 138.4 goal passed! But can I keep it until the 31st 😬😂 Merry Christmas!
    Weighed in everyday, but haven’t updated because my grandfather has been in the hospital and it’s been a stressful time. I definitely stress-ate hospital food 😔
    26 Dec: 140.2
    27 Dec: 140.6
    28 Dec: 141.0
    29 Dec: 141.6
    30 Dec: 142.2 got back on track, worked out and ate healthy.
    31 Dec: 140.0 exactly. Shocked I lost that much water weight overnight.

    5.6 pound loss. 1 pound away from my goal, but December is a hard month so I’ll take the loss!
  • maxinefurness
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    Starting weight: 12.05
    Start weight this month: 11.09
    Goal weight this month: 11.0
    Target goal weight 9.10

    June - lost 6lbs
    July - lost 3lbs...then went on holiday and gained 5lbs back 🙄
    August- lost 2lbs
    September and October - I went off it and put all the weight and more back on 😔
    November - lost 7lbs 😀😀

    Let’s look fabulous for Christmas 🎄💃🏼


    01 Dec: 11.09 😀
    02 Dec: 11.12 😫 oh dear! Bad Saturday night and TOM! Hopefully just bloating!
    03 Dec: 11.09 😀 better!
    04 Dec: 11.10 🧐 hmmm!
    05 Dec: 11.11 😫 not sure what’s happening! Annoyed!
    06 Dec: 11.10 ☺️ better!
    07 Dec: 11.11 😬 not being very good!
    08 Dec: 11.11 😕 my birthday week! Eating lots of rubbish!
    09 Dec: 11.12 😫 this is going to be a disastrous week of birthday outings 😫
    10 Dec: 11.13 I’ve lost it! 😠🙁
    11 Dec: My birthday 🎂 eating my body weight in food all week!
    12 Dec: 12.0 🤦🏼‍♀️ whoops! Very slippery slope!
    13 Dec: 12.0 😳
    14 Dec: 11.13
    15 Dec:
    16 Dec:
    17 Dec:
    18 Dec:
    19 Dec:
    20 Dec:
    21 Dec:
    22 Dec:
    23 Dec: 11.13
    24 Dec: 12.0 not so bad considering what I’ve been eating for the last 2 weeks 😬
    25 Dec: 🎅🏻
    26 Dec:
    27 Dec:
    28 Dec:
    29 Dec: 11.13
    30 Dec:
    31 Dec: 11.13 considering I’ve eaten EVERYTHING in sight this month, I am ok with just 4lbs gain 😬 Back in January to hit it hard 👍🏻 Happy New Year!
  • Elbee1
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    MFP Start weight: 160 lbs
    Started “just give 1 month” threads in Mid-Oct 2019 @ 157.4 lbs
    December start weight: 155.6 lbs
    December goal: 153 lbs
    Ultimate goal: 98 lbs, but that maybe too low. Main goal is to be healthier & stronger.

    October +2.6 lbs. (160)
    Nov. -2 lbs. (156.6 lbs)

    Dec 1 = 155.6
    Dec 2 = 156.6 Well, I'm not surprised cause I blew it, yesterday, and had 2 slices of pie.Why? just a weak moment & the temptation of this whole beautiful pie that was going to be thrown away. I took it home for my husband & then dove in, too. What a nut! I can & will do better!
    Dec 3 = 156.6
    Dec 4 = 156 :)
    Dec 5 = 157.6 :(
    Dec 6 = 157 :)
    Dec 7 = 157.8 :(
    Dec 8 = 157.8 Yesterday, was really rough. Very stressful. Somehow I must get used to my new normal of extra stress. Very frustrating with Drs, nurses, my Dad, Memory care, my dad's cough, medication.... I still to this moment haven't been able to get the medication called in.
    Dec 9 = 158.6 Binging yesterday & today... Not gonna give up yet! Expecting another gain tomorrow, tho.
    Dec 10 = 158 lbs. stuck with food plan today.
    Dec 11 = 157.2 lbs :)
    Dec 12 = 156.6 lbs :)
    Dec 13 = 158.4 lbs :( Was much better with food the last couple days, so I was surprised with it. Obviously, I did not stick with my food plans completely... I can do this!!!!!!
    Dec 14 = 158.4 lbs
    Dec 15 = 158.4 lbs
    Dec 16 = 157.4 lbs. Stayed under in calories, yesterday. No exercise
    Dec 17 = 156.8 lbs Was pretty good, but not under in calories. no exercise.
    Dec 18 = 156.8 lbs
    Dec 19 = 156.8 lbs That was coming off of a bad food night -- Last night was at friend's bday party at Karaoke Bar & Grill.
    Dec. 20 = 158.6 lbs Knew that was going to happen after last not sticking to my plan, yesterday.
    Dec 21 = 159.7 lbs Thought it would be worse... had a junk food binge during the night. Back on it, today.
    Dec 22 = 159 lbs Another smaller binge last night...
    Dec 23 = 159 lbs
    Dec 24 = 157.2 lbs
    Dec 25 = 155.6 lbs
    Dec 26 = 156.2 lbs
    Dec 27 = 155 lbs
    Dec 28 = 155.6 lbs
    Dec 29 = 155.6 lbs
    Dec 30 = 155.6 lbs
    Dec 31 = 155.6 lbs

    Although I didn’t lose, I will still consider December to be a victory because it was a hard month with the holidays & I managed not to gain. :)

  • Starting weight: 198 lb
    Start weight this month: 152.4
    Goal weight this month: 149
    Target goal weight: 140

    August: -5.5 lb ( 167.6 lb)
    September: -3.5 lb (162.1 lb)
    October: -6.2 lb (158.6 lb)
    November: + 3 lb (152.4 lb)
    December: - 3 lb ( 149.4 lb)

    01 Dec- no weigh day
    02 Dec- 152.4 lb- I'm back!! The holiday got the best of me. But that's life!! Hoping to maintain right around 150lbs this month & get serious again in January to lose that last 5-10lbs before summer👍
    03 Dec- 150.6 lb
    04 Dec- 150.6 lb
    05 Dec- 149.2 lb- Much less snacking on the kids dinner/snack crackers yesterday evening. Helps alot!
    06 Dec- 148.6 lb
    07 Dec- no weigh day
    08 Dec- no weigh day
    09 Dec- 150.8lb- Not my best weekend
    10 Dec- 149.2lb- Better!
    11 Dec- 149 lb
    12 Dec- 149.6lb- Taco Bell yesterday
    13 Dec- 148.6lb- I'll take it! Have a great weekend everyone!
    14 Dec- no weigh day
    15 Dec- no weigh day
    16 Dec- no weigh day
    17 Dec- no weigh day
    18 Dec- no weigh day - SICK
    19 Dec- no weigh day- SICK
    20 Dec- no weigh day- SICK
    21 Dec- no weigh day- SICK
    22 Dec- no weigh day- SICK
    23 Dec- 144.8 lb- We had the flu run through my household last week. NOT fun. I ate very little for 3/5 days... this is where the big drop came from.
    24 Dec- no weigh day
    25 Dec- no weigh day
    26 Dec- 143.8 lb- TOM is over, so dropping some water weight. My stomach is still not 100% back to normal after being sick, so I haven't been eating as much as I normally would.
    27 Dec- 145 lb- Ate a bunch of food yesterday. Not sorry lol Finally feeling a bit better and letting myself eat some junk since I couldn't over Chritmas/my birthday
    28 Dec- no weigh day
    29 Dec- no weigh day
    30 Dec- 149.4 lb- Ummmm woow! I need to get a grip LOL! Been slacking. We were out of town this weekend. I plan on being more serious come January. My husband is going to make my birthday dinner tomorrow night (Steak, lobster, scallops... cake!) So I'm indulging for a little bit :P
    31 Dec- 149.4 lb- Super happy with this! Managed to "maintain" through the holidays!! Bring on 2020!!
  • lightenup2016
    lightenup2016 Posts: 1,051 Member
    Starting weight: 163.4 lbs
    Start weight this month: 149.6
    Goal weight this month: 145-149.6 (even just maintaining is a lofty goal in Dec!)
    Target goal weight: 135-ish

    Aug lost 1.2 lbs
    Sept lost 4.2 lbs
    Oct lost 3.7 lbs
    Nov lost 3.9 lbs

    (I use Happy Scale, so monthly loss above is by moving avg, but I’m going to enter my actual daily weight below.)

    01 Dec: 149.6 lbs
    02 Dec: 149.8
    03 Dec: 149.2
    04 Dec: 149.8
    05 Dec: 148 (after ovulation increase)
    06 Dec: 147.6
    07 Dec: 147.2
    08 Dec: 147.2
    09 Dec: 147.4
    10 Dec: 146.8
    11 Dec: 147.4
    12 Dec: 147.6 PMS gain
    13 Dec: 146.8
    14 Dec: 147.4
    15 Dec: 148.0
    16 Dec: 147.8
    17 Dec: 146.8
    18 Dec: 147.4
    19 Dec: 145.6 end of PMS weight
    20 Dec: 146.2 had a lot of salt yesterday
    21 Dec: 144.6 I’m eating about 1700 cal/day, which equals a loss of about a lb/week for me. I don’t know why I’ve lost 5 lbs already this month, but it might have to do with how my cycle fell last month and this month. I was also temporarily a little higher at the end of last month due to Thanksgiving/vacation.
    22 Dec: 146.6 Christmas dinner party last night!
    23 Dec: 148.0 Son’s birthday yesterday—had buttered popcorn at the movies, and Mexican restaurant for dinner. I only went about 300 over maintenance, but had lots of salt! And food weight! I will eat within my goal today, with lower salt, and should drop some of this by Tuesday (just in time for Christmas Eve and Christmas!). I’m pretty happy with my progress so far, anyway.
    24 Dec: 147.8
    25 Dec: 148.4 Yep, holiday indulgences! Oh well, a few days of this, then back to it!
    26 Dec: 146.2 Not bad, since I definitely went over maintenance yesterday, but really, only by about 600 calories. I guess I lost some of the water gain and food mass 😄
    27 Dec: 146.6 (Ovulation water gain) I also had a lot of salt yesterday. I’m still a few lbs under for the month, so I’m happy.
    28 Dec: 146.6
    29 Dec: 145.4–(end of ovulation weight)
    30 Dec: 145.2 Only one more day! But going out for dinner tonight, so should expect an increase tomorrow, at least from salt
    31 Dec: 147.4 Yep!!

  • Starting weight 325lbs 22nd August 2019
    Start weight this month 274.6
    Goal weight this month 264
    Target goal weight 165lbs possibly less undecided yet!

    Going a little easier on my goal this month as I didn't make goal last month. Missed by 0.3lbs!

    Sept lost 14.9lbs
    October loss 12.1lbs
    November loss 11.6lbs

    1 December 274.6 up from yesterday by 1.3lbs. Too much exercise and not enough water! I'll learn eventually!

    2 December 274.1 down a little from yesterday but still 0.8lbs above my November low! Keep drinking the water!

    3 December 275.2 Not pleased with this but I have a really nasty water infection which I suspect is causing issues as I've not changed anything diet wise.

    4 December 274.2 Better but not great. Water infection still going strong. Have meds now so fingers crossed it goes soon.

    5 December 273.9 Better again but still 0.6lbs over my lowest so far. Water infection improving though so hopefully that'll show in tomorrow's weigh in.

    6 December 271.1! Finally I get a woohoo moment! Now at my lowest weight since October 2013. Maybe, just maybe goal is possible this month because I REALLY don't want to go back up just for Christmas! My best present is weighing less than I do now. :)

    7 December 270.9 delighted with this again! Had half expected a gain today so to lose again is awesome! 😁

    8 December 270.5 Woohoo again! This is 54.5lbs lost since starting. Only 1.5lbs to the 4 stone lost! Super pleased about this! 😊😃😁

    9 December 268.6! Super double woohoo! Really wasn't expecting that but am honestly so delighted. Definitely not screwing this up just for Christmas food!

    10 December - no weigh in, away with work.

    11 December - no weigh in away with work - very scary not having my daily weigh in guidance!

    12 December 267.9! Amazed and really delighted at this! 3.9lbs to go to December goal.

    13 December 267.2! Didn’t expect to lose again today so doubly delighted with this. MFP just works! 3.2lbs to make December goal. 😀

    14 December 267.2 still delighted with this!

    15 December 268.1. Not delighted with this but we’ll deserved since I had a Christmas meal out last night with friends and not enough water! Onwards and downwards to December goal.

    16 December 267.9 Heading in the right direction again but I've got a tough week ahead. Away in a hotel with hubby until Thursday night. Which means eating out. Going to be very careful but worried because I won't have my scales or control of what I'm eating!

    17 December no weigh in as staying away with hubby.

    18 December no weigh in as staying away with hubby.

    19 December 268.9. This was a very late in the day weigh in as we got home late. It’s also that TOM so overall I’m actually okay with this. 1lb on after 3 days of eating out and that time is a good result. I was dreading seeing a potential 6lbs go on and it didn’t so I’m good 😊

    20 December 267.9 back to pre trip weight. Treadmill session done this morning and being much more careful with calories today.

    21 December 266.4!!! Woohoo 🙌 delighted with this. Lowest I’ve been since 2013! 10 days to lose another 2.4lbs to make December goal 😳☺️😂

    22 December 266.6 Gah! Not happy with this but keeping on keeping on! I’m determined to do my best to reach my December goal, having missed November by a smidgen!

    23 December 265.5! Delighted with this! There’s hope for goal this month ☺️

    24 December 265.5, well at least it wasn’t a gain! Here’s to sticking with it tomorrow. Good luck everyone 😊

    25 December 266.1 hmm small increase but not the end of the world.

    26 December 268.3 not drinking enough water!

    27 December 269.3 definitely down to the water, I’ve logged and I know I haven’t over eaten by 7000 calories. Need to drink more water 💦

    28 December 268.3 going in the right direction again but still not drinking enough due to being out and busy!

    29 December 267.7 well safe to say I’m not going to make goal this month but I’m glad I’m still counting a reasonable loss. Half a stone is a result especially over Christmas. Sorry I played catch up today! It’s been manic here! Hope everyone else is doing okay 👌

    30 December 266.8 heading in the right direction again so I’m just going to keep going. Not going to lose 2.8lbs tomorrow but that’s okay. I’m not giving up!

    31 December 264.4 😀 a mammoth loss on the last day but not quite enough to hit my goal. However I am still totally delighted with this! 10.2lbs lost this month makes me very happy. I’ve had the things I’ve wanted in moderation so this is a win for me. First time ever coming out of Christmas weighing less than I went in at. Over the moon. 😊
  • Is there going to be a January group?! I hope so!! <3
  • cailinmor
    cailinmor Posts: 71 Member
    Start weight this months 13 st 2.75 lbs
    Goal weight this month - would like to get under 13st

    Doing Just give me one month for November showed me that I was eating at maintenance so have cut calories and hope to see a downward trend

    1 Dec - 13st 2.75 lbs
    2 Dec - 13st 3.75 lbs
    3 Dec - 13st 4 lbs
    4 Dec - 13st 3 lbs
    5 Dec - 13st 3 lbs felt really hungry yesterday and went way over calories
    6 Dec - 13st 4.25 lbs
    7 Dec - 13st 4 lbs
    8 Dec - 13st 2.25 lbs
    9 Dec - 13st 5.25 lbs
    10 Dec- 13st 4 lbs
    11 Dec - 13 st 3lbs
    12 Dec - 13st 2 lbs
    13 Dec - 13st 4.25 lbs
    14 Dec - 13st 4 lbs Christmas work Party
    15 Dec - 13st 3.25 lbs
    16 Dec - 13st 3.75 lbs
    17 Dec- 13st 3.75 lbs finding it hard to keep on track. Christmas celebrations starting early
    18 Dec - 13st 3 lbs
    19 Dec -13st 4 lbs
    20 Dec - 13st 3.25 lbs
    21 Dec - 13st 3.25 lbs
    22 Dec - 13st 3.25 lbs
    23 Dec - 13st 3.75 lbs
    27 Dec - 13st 4 lbs
    28 Dec - 13st 2.75 .bs
    31 Dec No weigh in as out of town celebrating my birthday. Happy New Year to all
  • Congratulations everyone on great efforts! Hope you’re all having a fabulous New Year!

    Also wanting to know if there’s going to be a January group please? Anyone know yet?

    Hope to see you all there ☺️
  • zimborunner
    zimborunner Posts: 525 Member
    I found this page motivating, so I have taken the liberty of starting the January 2020 thread. Hope no-one minds!

    Happy 2020! Wishing you and yours good health, happiness and prosperity in 2020.
  • jessicacalhoun3
    jessicacalhoun3 Posts: 73 Member
    Start weight 320
    Start weight this month 273
    Goal weight this month 270-265
    Target goal weight 135

    01 Dec: 273
    02 Dec: 273
    03 Dec: 273
    04 Dec: 272.8
    05 Dec: 272.6
    06 Dec: 272.6
    07 Dec: 273.2
    08 Dec: 273.4
    09 Dec: 272.8
    10 Dec: 273.4
    11 Dec: 275.6
    12 Dec: 273.6
    13 Dec: 273.6
    14 Dec: 273.4
    15 Dec: 273
    16 Dec: 273.2
    17 Dec: 272.8
    18 Dec: 273
    19 Dec: 272.2
    20 Dec: 272
    21 Dec: 271.6
    22 Dec: 271.8
    23 Dec: 270.6
    24 Dec: 272.2
    25 Dec: 275.4
    26 Dec: 273.6
    27 Dec: 272.2
    28 Dec: 271.2
    29 Dec: 271.6
    30 Dec: 272.2
    31 Dec: 271.4
  • TerriRichardson112
    TerriRichardson112 Posts: 14,723 Member
    edited January 2020
    🎄 Welcome to the minefield that is December 😂🤣😂😂🤣

    Journey so far:
    Jan 2015: I joined MFP, and gradually reduced
    Oct 2016: finally hit my target of 155
    Dec 2018: Had gradually wavered up again to 170s
    Jan 2019: Set new goal of 155 by end of the year
    July 2019: had bounced up and down between 160 and 170
    Aug 2019: Gave myself the proverbial kick up the a** and buckled down!
    Oct 2019: Set new goal weight of 150 by year end
    Nov 2019: Hit goal late Nov. I’m now focusing on increasing strength workouts
    Aug: -8.31 (a lot of this was holiday weight gained in July)
    Sept: -4.71
    Oct: -4.2
    Nov: -2.2 (Strength workouts temporarily slowing progress)
    Dec: + 1.4 (Christmas indulgences)

    OSW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    CSW: 170.1 (1 Aug 2019)
    DEC SW: 150
    GW: Under 150

    01 Dec: 150
    02 Dec: 150
    03 Dec: 149.9
    04 Dec: 149.6
    05 Dec: 148.8 Pleased that weight is moving again. This is the lowest I have been since my late 30s.
    06 Dec: 149.2 Normal daily fluctuations are a fact of life. And I have several shindigs today, so expect another temporary bounce up tomorrow.
    07 Dec: 150.4 Not too badly over goal, but salty snacks at wine tasting last night have had the inevitable result. It's the tightrope we walk. However, bouncing around 150 is vastly preferable to the 170s of last December.
    08 Dec: 149.6 Hopefully on the way down again but could just be normal daily fluctuations
    Mo 09/12: 148.6 I made better choices yesterday, but have a Christmas celebration with my Monday Painters after lunch, so eating light the rest of the day.
    Tu 10/12: 148.8 Phew! Not to bad. But this morning I am celebrating with my Craft Group. See what I mean about December being a minefield! 😂
    We 11/12: 149.2 And there it is! I'm wearing my celebrations 🎉 but today I am shopping (lots of walking) anc chores at home so will avoid the goodies.
    Th 12/12: 147.8 Yesterday I got in an extra hour walking in the unexpected sunshine after lunch. And had mostly healthy snacks. (Ate a ring doughnut at my evening crochet group, but still over 600+ Of a deficit, even after that.) After almost 5 years working at changing my previous bad habits, hoping this is my new normal. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
    Fri 13 Dec: 148.8 One or two social events.
    Sat 14 Dec: 148.6 Normal fluctuations 😂 Next week is relatively clear of social events, so there will be less temptation to stray.
    Sun 15 Dec: 147.2 Stayed on track yesterday. Spent most of the day doing prep on sleeping arrangements for family visiting over Christmas. Our outdoor lights are up and working.
    Mon 16 Dec: 148.6 On track. Normal fluctuation.
    Tue 17 Dec: 148.2 Under maintenance, although we did have afternoon tea with BiL and SiL, who are heading stateside on Friday for Christmas up near the Canadian border. Our 5 yr old Great niece is learning to ski.
    Wed 18 Dec: 147.4
    Thu 19 Dec: 147.8
    Fri 20 Dec: 149.2 4 days of festive social events have an inevitable effect. It's so difficult to accurately log food provided by others. At least I have nothing now until family arrives on Christmas Eve.
    Sat 21 Dec: 149.4
    Sun 22 Dec: 149.2 holding steady.
    Mon 23 Dec: 149.6 Visiting DED and grands yesterday. Granddaughter just flew in from Oxford on Friday. Her 25th birthday was on the 14th, so we celebrated.
    Tue 24 Dec: 149.8 Family celebrations begin today.
    Wed 25 Dec: DNW
    Thu 26 Dec: 149.6: I'm in shock! Fully expected to be up this morning. I tracked and was way over calories. I didn't go mad, but I ate lots of samples of treats/snacks which family had prepared/donated to the festive table, so expected high sodium would retain liquid. I did drink almost a litre of water before bedtime, so maybe that helped. Expecting tomorrow will show a rise, but very pleased that I have stayed more or less stable for the first Christmas in quite a few decades. Family still here today, but we have a walk planned. However, I reckon I can remove any overage before 31st.
    Fri 27 Dec: 151.6 After 4 days of entertaining family, this is not unexpected. Despite not going completely over the top, it has been a carbs/sodium overloaded 4 days, so buckling down for the next few days should make a dent un the overage.
    Sat 28 Dec: 152.1 Just over 4lbs up, but I think that's it. I still have 4 days left to discard that festive overage before the end of the month.
    Sun 29 Dec: 151.4 Not too bad.
    Mon 30 Dec: 151.2 Getting there
    Tues 31 Dec: 151.4... or not 😂

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    Is there a new thread for January?
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    new thread started for January. Just give me one Month - january 2020