Favorite Non-Dairy Milk



  • Keladelphia
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    Vita coco coconut milk is pretty much the only non dairy milk i drink. Its super creamy and unsweetened
  • julebrus2020
    julebrus2020 Posts: 26 Member
    Unsweetened fortified soy. Seriously, if there's no b12, d, or calcium you are just drinking sugar water with a tiny ammount of nut juice.
  • skinnydreams1997
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    I enjoy Rice Dream Classic Original. I buy it at Walmart for under 2 dollars. There is an unsweetened kind in this brand.
  • janejellyroll
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    Unsweetened fortified soy. Seriously, if there's no b12, d, or calcium you are just drinking sugar water with a tiny ammount of nut juice.

    It would only be sugar water if it was sweetened and it's pretty easy to find all kinds of unsweetened options (at least where I live).
  • annie5904
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    Mostly unsweetened soy. Sometimes unsweetened good hemp
    Annie5904 x
  • RelCanonical
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    I prefer cashew but it's a lil expensive so I usually get and enjoy almond.
  • MotherOfSharpei
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    My husband has recently discovered and enjoys oat milk
  • Lauralovesmfp
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    Another vote for oat! I buy the unsweetened kind and it is thick and creamy! Plus I don't have to steal it from baby cows 🙌
  • laurenq1991
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    I have all of these in my refrigerator right now and they tend to be the ones I buy. All of these are fortified as well.

    Silk unsweetened soy milk (either regular or vanilla) -- Good for protein, tastes good, versatile.

    Planet Oat extra creamy unsweetened oat milk -- I'm not really a fan of oat milk by itself but it is the best for tea and coffee. I also use this one in smoothies along with soy milk because of its nutritional benefits and because it has more calories than the other non-dairy milks.

    So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk -- This is by far the best tasting coconut milk I've found. The other brands have an odd, kind of sweet taste to them, maybe from some additive they put in there. If you're looking for the creaminess of milk, coconut milk is the way to go. I mostly have this by itself, even as a healthy dessert sometimes, because it's that good. Their unsweetened coconut yogurt is also by far the best dairy-free yogurt on the market, although it is expensive. Of course this one is high in saturated fat, and doesn't have protein, so probably not good for your needs.

    I've actually always hated dairy milk. I like cheese and yogurt, but milk has always grossed me out for some reason. So non-dairy milks are the only kinds I buy and I am happy there are so many options now. I'm not really a fan of the other nut milks, like almond, etc...I would rather have nuts themselves or nut butter.
  • fuzzylop_
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    I usually drink califia vanilla almond. It's low in calories and tastes good to me. Oatmilk tastes a bit better to me, but it has no protein and more calories (around 90 per 8oz). I sometimes drink ripple and/or soy milk too, since I think the taste is fine, and it has more protein -- but almond is a more common occurrence.

    I have ripple and almond in my fridge currently.
  • lemurcat2
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    I said above that milk of all kinds always goes bad before I drink it, so I use homemade cashew milk (and make what I expect to want), but I decided to buy some soymilk (unsweetened, plain, fortified), and have been using it over the past week in smoothies and oats.