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realbeardedbear Posts: 2 Member
edited January 2020 in Introduce Yourself
My name is Matthew, AKA The Real Bearded Bear
I am 36 years old and have spent the last two decades trying to get in to shape. Unfortunately, due to my lack of commitment, the shape I have got in to has the number 38 and the letters XXL in it :(
With the start of a new decade, I have decided that now is the time to make a real change. Less of treating my body like an amusement park (a very poorly maintained one at that) and more like a sacred temple.
With this in mind, I have secured my gym membership, and today (01 January 2020) is the day that my life changes.
Any words of wisdom and encouragement would be well received.

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  • nickylee76
    nickylee76 Posts: 629 Member
    Best of luck to you. Consistency is key. No matter what even if you’ve gone over your calories track everything..... one bad day won’t ruin everything. Be kind to yourself along the way. You’ll do just fine.
  • watts6151
    watts6151 Posts: 905 Member
    Welcome and good luck with your goals

    Nowt wrong with XXL it’s most of my tops these days