Yoga and Pilates: Is it exercise?

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I just had a friend tell me that unless I was lifting I wasn't doing anything. And sure, I'm not saying just do yoga, but not counting it at all?


  • Good for you! It really is quick and simple to home cook once you work a few meal plans out. I've got 4 kids and a husband to cook for as well but can rustle up a decent meal in half n hour. Keep at it and you will just do it without even thinking about it in future!
    Frozen veg is a winner 👌 chopped and ready to just throwing a steamer at the right portion size for you 😉
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    I totally agree. On Burger King and home made.
    Thin cut pork loin chops and chicken tenders both cook very quickly. Frozen vegetables in the microwave. Dump precut lettuce and dressing in a bowl. Dinner’s done.
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    How did this happen? Mfp has really gone crazy!
  • corinasue1143
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    I just had a friend tell me that unless I was lifting I wasn't doing anything.

    Spoken like a true resolutioner. One track minds are sometimes very good at their one track. Others are better at being well rounded and/or open-minded.
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    Its reverse psychology. He's hoping you'll challenge him to go to yoga/pilates with you
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    It doesn’t burn a ton of calories but my quads and glutes will tell you after yesterday’s class that it was definitely exercise, lol.
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    If it involves moving your body then its exercise.
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    Of course it is exercise. Your friend is narrow minded and I wouldn't think any more about what they said.
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    I just had a friend tell me that unless I was lifting I wasn't doing anything. And sure, I'm not saying just do yoga, but not counting it at all?

    Anything that involves being physically active is "exercise"
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    I find it really helpful to keep everything moving, especially as I get older! It is harder than a lot of people assume.

    You should challenge them to do it with you, if they say no it's because they're to chicken and can't hack it 😉
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    My Pilates class is above a cycle centre, they sell and repair bikes, do training and have a physio on hand for advice, and there is a Pilates/judo space. Over the time I’ve been taking classes there I’ve been amazed at the number of serious cyclists who’ve turned up for a Pilates class on the advice of a trainer or physio and have ended the class shattered, most of them never come back because it’s too hard 😀
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    Yoga and Pilates are absolutely exercise, and can also make you stronger. It won't burn as many calories as running or swimming for the same amount of time, and it may not build muscle as fast as heavy weightlifting, but they are still completely valid forms of exercise that can be wonderful to incorporate into your fitness.

    I built the strength to do push ups by doing tons of chaturanga dandasana in yoga.

    Also, it's fun to make someone who only does weightlifting try a Pilates class and watch how sore they are the next day.
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    I find that yoga improves my flexibility and balance. Having known all four of my grandparents into their 80s (1) and 90s (3), I know that balance issues are potentially in my genes and I'd like to avoid them! Because losing your balance can mean falling, broken bones, hospitalization, etc., when you are that old, so maybe by doing some work in my 40s and being consistent about it, I can help prevent some future problems.

    I like kundalini yoga, which is a bit different from the hatha yoga that most people know, and involves a lot of repetitive motions. It never leaves me out of breath and never makes me sweat but it's not static, either, and sometimes is a better way (for me, anyway) to get my creaky joints moving in the morning, than just doing a forward bend or something.
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    Yes! I agree with @DanyellMcGinnis... I do Classical Stretch (TaiChi based I believe) not for the calorie burn, but the balance and flexibility benefits, and there is quite a bit of strength gained as well. I recommended it to a friend who thought it was a bit of a joke, until the next day :D Never have my feet be sore, as in muscle sore in a good way, as when I started it! Her goal is to give your body a firm foundation for a long and healthy life... to keep the joints limber, and overall body able to move and function for many many years.
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    it is exercise, how intense is up to you and your classes.
    it also can help preserve your flexibility which is sometimes lost with lifting.
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    @corinasue1143 It's my fault. I had a question and a long rant an then posted the rant where I was supposed to post the question. I thought I had done a quick ninja edit, since I didn't find a way to delete and I'm not sure how strict the site is on posting in the wrong place. But I obviously wasn't quick enough. So, my fault.
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    Exercise, yes, but sub optimal for changing body composition.

    It's best for mobility, but not that great for body composition.
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    If your heart rate is elevated, you are exercising on some level, maybe not very intensely, but you are still exercising. Respiration rate is also a good indicator.