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Night Time Munchies



  • panshee
    panshee Posts: 24 Member
    I do a kinda-sorta intermittent fast by skipping breakfast except for a coffee with 1 tbsp of heavy cream. I find that pushing my calories to later in the day works for me best. If I do have cravings at night, I pour a 10 calorie Spindrift seltzer into a fancy wine glass with ice, pretend it is a cocktail and sip on it :smile: If I need to, I even have two of them. By the time I'm done no cravings left!
  • mborckardt2
    mborckardt2 Posts: 8 Member
    Thanks everyone for all the tips!! Pre-logging is a great idea and I do love pickles. I bet they would curb my cravings! 😀
  • csplatt
    csplatt Posts: 1,096 Member
    I sip hot water.
  • smaerose
    smaerose Posts: 18 Member
    Water. You probably don’t get enough of it during the day anyway. I also like crushed ice cubes because they are more like food. Sometimes I remind myself that this is just a primal urge, it is not real hunger. It is like a lot of things, you have to distinguish between needs and wants.
  • bobbyb2959
    bobbyb2959 Posts: 2 Member
    I like to have a healthy smoothie like a raspberry or blueberry, it is low calorie and fulls you enough to stop the cravings. Here is the recipe for the blueberry smoothie I have,
  • Danp
    Danp Posts: 1,561 Member
    Zhatan wrote: »
    Zhatan wrote: »
    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    I found that eating more high protein really helped curb the snacking

    But I embrace the snacking! Just plan ahead of time, and have great selections available. My current favorite is yogurt with mix ins with a little whipped cream.

    This! Switching out some carbs for more protein will help you stay satiated for longer and will reduce your cravings over time.
    Or you can just plan ahead and make sure you have room for some snacks in your daily calories

    This may be true for some but not for all. I find carbs very satiating and all of my meals are carb based.

    As far as snacking I almost always have calories cause I enjoy a late night treat. Sometimes it's fruit, sometimes it's crackers or cereal and fruit. I always sleep better when there's something in my belly.

    Well it has been show in studies that protein is more satiating but I guess in some cases it might not be true. Doesn't hurt to try though.

    This is the second or third post I've seen where you've used the phrase 'it's been shown in studies' to bolster your claims. This is always a bit of a red-flag to me as it's so commonly a hollow term used legitimise a claim that really isn't backed up by evidence.

    To that end, if you're going to use 'studies' to back up your posts it's probably a good idea to link to the studies to which you're referring.
  • kzboncak
    kzboncak Posts: 11 Member
    I literally go to bed if the munchies start to kick in! Even if I’m not tired, I’ll lay in bed and read or something. I’m usually too snuggled in to get up to get something.
  • BuffaloChixSalad
    BuffaloChixSalad Posts: 98 Member
    I give in once in a while. Maybe I'll have a few pretzels, some fruit, ice cream... lol.
    But....Mostly drink water.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 33,061 Member
    Others have mentioned saving calories for a snack, eating something low cal but taste/voluminous, drinking water or tea, getting more protein: Good ideas!

    Satiation has some very personal and individual quirks, so I'll mention this, as another possible experiment:

    For me, my evening cravings are greatly reduced if I get a solid breakfast, with adequate protein, then spread more protein through the day (lunch, snacks if I have any).

    That made a big difference, for me. I think that what happens is that determination can carry me through the early part of the day, but as fatigue starts to set in later, I get crave-y. Adequate calories & nutrition counteract this, to a decent extent, by letting me arrive at evening with less of an energy deficit.

    May not work for everyone, but it's another thing to experiment with, if needec.

    (It goes without saying that setting too aggressive a calorie goal (trying to lose too fast for practicality) can cause the same problem, of course.)
  • minnelizzy
    minnelizzy Posts: 45 Member
    I save 100-200 for evening just in case. I also pretrack so I have my plan in place. I love sparkling water and only drink in the evening as a treat to myself. It’s tough though sometimes for sure.
  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,724 Member
    I don't consciously save calories just so I can have night time snacks but usually I find myself under my daily count by around 300-400. Last night before bed I had a few crackers with chicken salad, and a couple pretzels dipped in peanut butter. Added those munchie calories this a.m. to yesterday's tally.
    FWIW, MFP has my calories at 1200, I do enough walking to add around 175 to that. I usually eat 3 small meals a day plus a snack or 2, then if I see my total allowing me a bedtime snack, that's what I do.
  • AdamAussie34
    AdamAussie34 Posts: 168 Member
    I have pork krackles. 35 grams of
    Protein. Low carb and no sugar.
    Plus tastes awesome.
  • busyPK
    busyPK Posts: 3,788 Member
    If you have the calories left that day, enjoy the munchies (just weigh and log them). If you do not then keep your mind/hands busy. I usually organize a room, clean a closet, read a book, paint my nails. For me, I enjoy my nighttime snack and save at least 200 calories for it.