ever have a day when you eat everything in sight

I have not over ate in a long time but today I did. I was starved, could be emotional, my difficult 92 year old Mom in the hospital and it is depressing. I thought if it was emotional I would just knick knack on food but I felt starved. Anyone experienced emotional eating and starved? Had my weight off for 2 yrs, dont need this.


  • cmriverside
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    Yeah, I do that on the regular. I've been in Maintenance for quite some time so I know it doesn't mean permanent weight gain.

    I think it's pretty normal to stress eat, especially if it's something you know you've always done. Maybe next time, take a walk all the way around the hospital - outside. I just did that recently when I got some bad news while at a clinic near a hospital. It was a nice walk and I felt better and more centered afterwards.
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    Normal. When I'm stressed or upset I find myself wanting to eat all the things. I remember several years ago during the darkest time our family had faced to that point, I was sitting in a hospital cafeteria with my parents one morning and the three of us decided to share a bagel because we decided we should eat something. My parents didn't touch it and after I ate a piece I realized I was STARVING and I felt so bad because I felt like I shouldn't be so hungry even though we were all so distraught. Everyone's different. It's just learning to cope with the triggers.
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    Stress works differently on different people, some people want all the food and others can't even think of eating - at least now you have a handle on the cause you can work on it.
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    thanks Annp, I weigh everyday, I made the mistake of not weighing one year and gained 25 lbs. Live and learn. I use to weigh once every 3 or 4 weeks, my scales got off 10 lbs, I gained 10 on top of that and then got mad and gained another 5. I had rather weigh even if bad, at least I know where I stand. Yes, stress is a killer. ANd you are right if it is one day, I can get a grip and do this.
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    Somedays Im more hungry than usual.Thats when its happened
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    I just had 4 days of an extended weekend away where I ate at least 700 to 1000 cals a day over maintenance each day. I was 135 before. Got on scale this morning. 134.4. My body is still a mystery sometimes. I did a lot of walking and I guess that may have offset some of the damage. Or maybe I was retaining water before I went away? Who knows. All I’m saying is it’s hard to do a lot of damage over a few days. It’s weeks and months of eating over maintenance that make one gain.

    This happened to me when I went to France in summer. Ate so much and was 2 pounds down when I got back, which confused me. My guess is that I was walking a lot and though I was eating big meals, I tended to only have 1 huge meal, a decent sized meal, and then like an afternoon croissant. I'm up a bit from my last trip to California, but I think it's mainly water retention from the long flight.

    Agreed. The odd splurge or enjoying your holiday isn't going to result in much gain if you get back into consistent healthy habits and keep an eye on things. I find that quite liberating now as I don't end up feeling down and deprived.

    It's perfectly healthy not to be perfectly healthy all the time. ;-)