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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • MLHC1MLHC1 Member Posts: 590 Member Member Posts: 590 Member
    1/14/2020 Tuesday:

    Post JFT
    Log food on mfp
    96 oz of water
    30 min. exercise
    Grocery list / shopping
    Dishes, Laundry
    Schedule auto repair
    Organize kiddo chore board
    Women's Bible Group Meeting 6-7pm


    Busy day today, gotta run but I'll check in later! Have a blessed day everyone :blush:
  • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 923 Member Member Posts: 923 Member
    @teigansdad Adulting can suck *kitten*, but you will figure out a schedule that works for you and your family. How old and how many kids? Do you have a partner that can help you out? My kids are older now and need less of my time, but when they were young, hubby and I worked out a schedule so we could both get some "me" time. You've got this, just keep experimenting. You'll get it done!

    @Kuhl50 Great job yesterday!

    @PackerFanInGB Yea! Yea! Yea! Prayer is a powerful thing. I'm so happy the lesion was benign. There are still hurdles, but you've got this.
  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,413 Member Member Posts: 1,413 Member
    @PackerFanInGB I’m so pleased that your husband’s diagnosis is not as bad as you feared.
  • FaebertFaebert Member Posts: 1,513 Member Member Posts: 1,513 Member
    @PackerFanInGB - such a relief to read your news! Really happy for you. X
  • cory17cory17 Member Posts: 613 Member Member Posts: 613 Member
    @Faebert his health/weight and feelings of inadequacy. We never go anywhere or do anything when I see him and he has never met any of my friends and family and vice versa. Just like you I’m running out of patience... What about holidays and birthdays and celebrations? Travel? That’s something I really want to do (and could absolutely go myself but he oh so complains if I do). It’s definitely a difficulty with changes in routine and anxiety. And claims etoh triggers (he’s 6 yrs sober). But knowing he used to (before me), and now won’t, I feel cheated & don’t want regrets later.
    @snowflake wow I have been saying the same thing lately. I literally told my friend Thursday night, “I don’t feel that siting watching tv every night is what you call living life”. I am so torn about all of it. I have no problem going and doing things on my own with friends or my girls, but I really want to do things with my husband. If I go and do something on my own he’s left sitting home alone. Right now I feel like I have a roommate instead of a husband. Yes! TV is a timefiller that doesn’t accomplish anything and their attention is on it. Maybe since yours has health worries now, would he agree to join a couple friends to go bowling? Walk around the mall w/you? Take a dance class together? (I know your weather is bad right now but something active together .)

    January FLUIDS – Goal is to double my intake. My water bottle is 48.8 ozs. If I fill it up and have it close by, it’s finished in the morning. Going to fill it up again and try to polish off as soon as get home so not getting up at night.
  • beachwalker99beachwalker99 Member Posts: 530 Member Member Posts: 530 Member
    @PackerFanInGB - Glad to hear your husband got good news from the oncologist and that you are feeling a bit of relief. I hope whatever treatment he needs goes smoothly and that he soon has less pain.

    Love that you made self care one of your goals!
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