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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 912 Member Member Posts: 912 Member
    Discard 5lb challenge
    SW: 1/1/20: 168.2
    GW: 163.2
    CW: 1/6/20: 166.4
    1/7/20: 165.4 (false low from blood donation)
    1/8/20: 164.8
    1/9/20: 164.0 (I'm sure this week is just loss of water weight, but it's still nice to see)
    1/10/20: 164.0 Considering the late night pizza, I'll take it.
    Loss: 4.2

    JFT Thursday

    - Weigh in. :smiley: Dropped again, must be first week water weight. I'll take it. If I continue to lose weight at this rate, I'll raise my calories a bit. Right now I'm at 1310 + exercise, but have only been hitting around 1200 most days. I leave room at night for a snack and then decide I don't need a snack. Not trying to starve.
    - Early morning Peloton :smiley:
    - Work by 8:00 :smiley:
    - Breakfast bar :smiley: I may need to snack today I am super hungry. Could be all the exercise induced purging...
    - Find something to do at work... boring day ahead. :( Very boring day, left early
    - Lunch in the Cafe today, didn't pack :smiley: Grilled chicken salad
    - Water>Soda :smiley:
    - Log it all, GBU :smiley:
    - Stay Green :smiley:
    - Read in Judges :(
    - Dentist at 5:00 :smiley:
    - Prep tofu & cook when kids get home (not sure the meat eating kid will try the tofu, but maybe) :( Major FAIL
    - Maybe try an evening ride and see if I still get sick :(
    - GOTTA DO LAUNDRY!!! :(
    - Bed by 11:00 :smiley:

    Wow was I off plan yesterday. The girls both had activities that went over the scheduled time, which meant none of us got home early enough to prep and cook the dinner we had planned. Switching from pre-logged tofu stir fry to pizza did a number on my calories yesterday, but I still managed to come in just under and my weight didn't change today. I didn't read my Bible though I had time at work. I guess I kind of forgot. Got home late, no ride. Got home late, no laundry. Said F*** it and went to sleep on the couch at 10:00.

    So since I've been dealing with this getting sick thing when I work out in the mornings, I am going to switch todays workout to evening to see if that helps. I had water this morning and even without working out it made me nauseous. What the heck. Who can't drink water in the morning?

    I don't like evening workouts because there are too many chances for life to get in the way and bump them off the priority list. AND it's harder to plan my calories for the day, because I'm not sure how many I have. That being said today I shouldn't have a problem as the girls are doing their own things and I don't have to drive anyone anywhere. The only obstacle will likely be that hubby will want to go out to dinner and/or a movie since the girls are gone. I will want to exercise, shower and chill, but I do still like spending time with him.

    I just feel today is going to be hard to budget calorie wise. I can't go too low during the day and expect a good workout, but I can't go to high today in case we go out tonight. Ughh. Oh well, life is good and today will work itself out.

    JFT Friday
    - Get to work a little early so I can leave a little early. :smiley:
    - Protein bar for breakfast
    - Catch up on MFP & UA thread :smiley:
    - Register my daughter for a ridiculously expensive summer rowing camp in MI. Great opportunity
    - Get paper work started for Sierra's Passport
    - Standard grilled chicken salad for lunch
    - No snacking at work
    - Start laundry when I get home
    - Ride for 30 minutes see how it feels
    - Do dinner with hubby either in or out, just watch my calories
    - Read in Judges
    - Prep pot Roast for tomorrow, or freeze the meat.
    - Cut myself some slack, I'm doing well and I won't let today get to me.

    My word for 2020 is CLIMBING:

    Climbing out of depression into the life I want to experience. Healthy, fit & fun.
    Climbing on my bike. I will get up the back side of Huck this summer!
    Climbing on that spin back 4-5 days a week until I can get outside.
    Climbing to reach my goals without letting my pride stop me.
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  • HEGoddard0928HEGoddard0928 Member Posts: 764 Member Member Posts: 764 Member
    @MLHC1 Welcome back!! I've missed you so much! I'm so glad to hear that you and the hubs have hit the reset button. I'm praying that things continue to improve. How's the little darling? I saw your update about him starting a day care (?)
  • azulvioleta6azulvioleta6 Member Posts: 4,097 Member Member Posts: 4,097 Member

    1. Weigh in :)
    2. 10,000 steps :)
    3. Walk on both work breaks :)
    4. 5 freggies :)
    5. 10C liquids :)
    6. Rest day--catch up on some sleep! :) almost 7 hours, which is great!

    More overtime before and after work tomorrow/Friday, then an hour drive Saturday morning for some more overtime at the Capitol. I may head down south (another hour) to see my parents over the weekend depending on the weather too, since my mother's birthday is this weekend. Maybe no tracker or goals, but I am going to focus on lower carb eating, lots of hydration and as many steps as I can get.

    1. Weigh in
    2. 10,000 steps
    3. Walk on both work breaks
    4. 5 freggies
    5. 10C liquids
    6. I might swim after work, or I might go to a gallery opening....grr, need more hours in the day!
    7. 6 hours sleep

  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 5,239 Member Member Posts: 5,239 Member
    Yesterday I managed to log all food, but again didn’t get my water in. I find it I don’t get 1l in at work it’s almost impossible to get it at home in the evening.

    JFT - Friday January 10
    2L of water
    Log all food

    Be back later to catch up!
  • cschmitz110515cschmitz110515 Member Posts: 2,749 Member Member Posts: 2,749 Member
    Later than usual to post due to 90 minute board meeting, but I'm here! Happy so see so many old/new members posting, makes me feel not so alone trying to behave healthy. Hugs to those with struggles & health concerns.

    Recap R 1/9
    1) Weights/circuit-training (home version) before work = :mrgreen: first time in 7 weeks since I worked out before work
    2) Change clothes & leave early for workplace lunchtime mindful hike at LM (everyone else has been so early for a change) = Hike changed to indoor activity due to freezing drizzle & icy conditions. No exercise calories as planned. :( But now snowstorm is predicted for weekend, and maybe we can finally snowshoe next week! :#
    3) Move hourly / stairs breaks / 5 somethings = Fitbit 8,648 steps, 250+ 14/14 boom! :mrgreen: it's been a while & 26 floors
    4) Meals & snacks planned & mostly prelogged / net calories zero / 14c water = Evening snack attack of chickpea veggie crisps, not the worst thing. Guesstimated G/B/U. Net cals -154 :/ , sodium -65, sugar green :mrgreen: , fiber & protein excellent :smiley: 10c water :|
    5) PA-BB progress :) / review docs for F a.m. meeting :) / reduce inbox to target :smiley:
    6) To-do's: put air in car tires :smiley: (stupid dramatic little light ~ is it a false alarm? red alert?) / make supper (orange roughy, veg, side salad) :) / choir 6:30 :) / balance bank accts :) / update budget s/s / start undecorating snuggle time w/ dog & Kitty on couch, watching Jeopardy GOAT instead :) / prep clothes/boots/warmers for Fri 5K event :) including headlamp & LED vest since it's evening event / other?
    7) Unplug 9:00 :s / FLOSS / retainers :s / BED & NO TV 10:20 :| 10:30?

    JFT F 1/10
    1) Move hourly / stairs breaks / 5 somethings
    2) Meals & snacks prelogged / net calories zero / 14c water
    3) PA-BB progress / usual weekly status updates (grrr)
    4) Pick up dinner (ask hubby at lunch if he wants some too) / 5K event check-in 5:30 & race 6:30 / watch Jeopardy GOAT / prep cash & shopping bags for Sat. winter market / finalize grocery list / other?
    5) Unplug 10:00 / FLOSS / RETAINERS / BED & NO TV 11:00

    2020 Goals
    1) Get weight below 160# (last time was 4/20/19)
    2) Plan meals most days & prelog meals/snacks whenever possible on MFP
    3) Post weekly weigh-in on JFT for accountability
    4) Take measurements & log on MFP monthly (I stopped as weight plateaued & went up)
    5) Exercise 5-6x per week (minimum 4x) ~ mostly walking but include weights/circuit & other x-training
    6) Participate in race events ~ have planned 7 5Ks and 2 10Ks at minimum
    7) Be considerate and loving to hubby and have fun together
    8) Make efforts to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends (most live in other towns or states)
    9) Declutter home office, bedroom and basement

    Word for 2020: Persist
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  • cschmitz110515cschmitz110515 Member Posts: 2,749 Member Member Posts: 2,749 Member
    SERmom3 wrote: »

    Welcome! Are you on MapMyWalk (or Run)? Because I've done You v Year Challenges the past two years and I'm in again this year. In 2018 I finished in October, but 2019 was a later finish in December. 1020km is totally doable! Btw, I walk, I'm not a runner.

    I use MapMyFitness, so same thing, but allows me to choose a walk, run, hike, etc. Last year I pretty much started in July and got up over 800km and I took the month of December off, so I’m feeling pretty good about completing it this year. I already have 46km under my belt, so I’m off to a decent start. Oh, and I also walk. I might run a mile here or there, but I’ve become quite a committed walker this past year.

    @raspeary The indoor workouts I’ve done have been on a treadmill. The app doesn’t track my distance, but I can manually enter in my stats from the treadmill. If you did a dvd, you could probably log your time walking and an estimate of your pace and it will calculate calories burned. It also syncs with MFP so you earn the calories here too.

    I use the MapMyWalk app on my phone, and either track or log all my workouts, including dog walks, race events, treadmill (when I must), weights/circuit, snowshoeing, etc. There's all kinds of workout "types" that can be logged.

    I don't sync the app or my Fitbit to MFP. Instead I manually log "exercise" on MFP, just because that's how I started on MFP before I had the other stuff, and I'm comfortable not having everything linked. Btw I eat my exercise calories, it's what keeps me sane on this journey.
  • FaebertFaebert Member Posts: 1,513 Member Member Posts: 1,513 Member
    @MLHC1 - lovely to see you back again! How is the little man now? You were missed x

    @pridesabtch - thank you. You have no idea how much it means to be having this place to come and offload.

    It has been a better day today. Just need to get through the evening without any mindless snacking! Catch up later x
  • CassieVoilesCassieVoiles Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    Goals for 2020:

    -lose 20 pounds
    -make more friends on here
    -either reach 10,000 steps or do 10 minutes of cardio per day
    -continue my streak
    -don’t get discouraged

    For today 01/11:

    - I did a 20 minute cardio workout
    - I continued my streak
    - I sent a couple friend requests

    Here I am:


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  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,679 Member Member Posts: 11,679 Member
    MLHC1 wrote: »
    @PackerFanInGB Thank you so much!! I agree this is our year for health success!!!!
    Prayers for you and your hubby!! <3

    Just a side note: This "disagree" tab is new to me. I understand its purpose but nevertheless I do wonder, "Who or why someone disagreed with the previous post?" If I'm not a positive light in this crowd and someone is not happy I'm back, please PM me. I know I'm not perfect but I DO want to be supportive for everyone when I can. I understand there's a bunch of new people so I don't want to upset the thread by returning. :(

    I can’t think of anyone on the thread who would deliberately use the disagree. Personally, I would just ignore any disagrees, especially as it is very easy to accidentally touch <Disagree> while scrolling down using a phone/tablet with a touchscreen. (I’ve done it myself and not noticed.)
    I went back and checked just in case! It wasn’t me! 😂
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  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,679 Member Member Posts: 11,679 Member
    Another New day! Another opportunity to achieve great things, one step at a time.
    Sooo glad it’s the weekend!
    The only failure is giving up!
    01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    31 Dec 2019: 151.2
    Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
    2020 - Jan Discard 5lb Challenge
    Name: Terri
    SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
    GW: 147.1
    03 Jan: 151.8
    04 Jan: 151.4
    05 Jan: 151.2 This is mostly water weight.
    06 Jan: 151.2 - 1.1
    08 Jan: 150.9 - 1.4
    09 Jan: 150.2 - 1.8
    10 Jan: 150.2 - 1.8

    Depth Year - Updates
    I definitely have way too much stuff. I need to streamline my existence, resist adding more stuff, and start using what I have already got. I have been working towards doing this for several years with my decluttering. I need to stop the march of consumerism, and putting money into the pockets of other people by buying things I want rather than actually need.
    03 Jan: This is going to be way harder than I thought. Need to work out strategies and guidelines for what I can and cannot purchase.
    1. I have a stack of books which I haven't read. I will read one of those book a month, and not buy any more books this year. I will source any other books I want to read at the library.
    2. 04 Jan: The Illusionists - Rosie Thomas > 5 chapters per week
    3. I have closets full of clothes that no longer fit. I will work my way through them over the next two months, and either alter them to fit, or donate them to charity.
    4. 07 Jan: One bag already full and ready to go to the charity shop
    5. I have a lot of Craft supplies. I will optimise what I have before I buy any new supplies. Sticking to this one will be difficult.
    6. 07 Jan: Depth Year: I have Parchment Craft this morning. I will pick out one of my ongoing projects and work on it to completion. No new projects until I have finished at least 3 ongoing ones.
    Daily Goals
    • Food: log All food and drink; stay under goal; balance macros/micros; Hydrate adequately; NLNS!!!
    • Exercise: Knee Physio; 7,500+ Steps daily; 30 + minutes intentional exercise
    • Other: Daily Mindfulness Practice/Meditation; Practice Self-care; Positively reframe thoughts; Live! Love! Learn!; 15 mins Daily Declutter session; keep up to date with chores

    JFT Fri 10 Jan
    Daily Goals:
    • 10am: Latin Study Group🌟
    • Declutter Hobbies Room —>
    • The Illusionists - Rosie Thomas: Ch 8🌟Read Ch 8 - 11 😂
    • Chores🌟
    JFT Fri 10 Jan
    Daily Goals:

    • Local shopping
    • Declutter Hobbies Room
    • The Illusionists - Rosie Thomas: Ch 12
    • Laundry
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  • Kuhl50Kuhl50 Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member
    Kuhl50 wrote: »
    1. Up by 6, walk 25 minutes, 7minute app, 2 yoga stretches sets 😁
    2. Healthy breakfast😁, no reading/media👿
    3. Prep crockpot soup and start😁
    4. Pack and bring lunch, water😁
    5. Leave work by 5:30! 👿
    6. Prep salads for Sat & Sun, carve turkey breast for protein👿
    7. Plan Saturday—hike with girls?👿
    8. Plan exercise and food for trip, make grocery list👿
    9. Enter JFT for Friday 😁
    10. Upstairs by 9:45, journal, lights out by 10:30

    Some realizations last night/today
    * I need to pay attention to my body more. Last night I ate my chocolate seahorse—my treat—while journaling. Previous times I paid attention to it and the one small piece of quality chocolate was so amazing and satisfying. This time I looked up from my journaling, realized I was done and kind of wanted more...without really remembering how it tastes!
    * I need to put these daily goals out where I can see them. I didn’t leave at 5:30 as I made a goal last night. Tonight I came home and was productive, but now it’s past 9, I just ran myself a bath, but I haven’t achieved items 6-8 yet, and journaling may not happen in time for lights out at 1030. My phone is slow to get all the way to where I wrote my goals onto this thread, So I need to copy them to an easy to open app on my phone.

    Ok it’s the weekend! Saturday!
    1. Up by 7, finish laundry, put away dishes
    2. Out for a 60+ minute walk, or finalize hike plans
    3. Make those salads with protein
    4. Soup for lunch
    5. Figure out and make a healthy dinner
    6. Track! All!
    7. Enter JFT for Sunday and copy to Notes app
    8. Finalize clothes for trip and pack
    9. Review slides for Monday presentation
    10. Journal and lights out by 1030

    Good luck to all, hope you have fabulous weekends full of rest, fun, family friends and love!
  • Kuhl50Kuhl50 Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member
    Anyone else read the extensive Goal lists we write and become torn between totally impressed and “we expect too much of ourselves!”

    Some of you (@cschmitz100515, @pridesabtch, and more) are doing so much in a single day it’s amazing. No wonder we struggle with finding time for ourselves.

    Good luck, my hat is off to you, and I think we all deserve a few days on a warm beach just listening to the waves lap the shore...
  • FaebertFaebert Member Posts: 1,513 Member Member Posts: 1,513 Member
    cory17 wrote: »
    Not giving up!!
    Have been struggling last few weeks to get back on track, only routine has been going to the gym everyday, then eating lots at home. Dh keeps arguing and I just want peace (among other issues he feels life is passing him by/everyone else (coworkers) are doing things like travel, clubs, social - but he refuses to do/go/try anything; and frankly, I'm quite tired of evenings of TV and eating alone. How do you make this horse drink?) Sorry for rant but biting my tongue gets old. My worst binge triggers are all at home.

    came on MFP (tend to avoid logging on when eating poorly)

    @cory17 - hi! Good to see you. Sorry about the issues with DH. I have similar with my partner but most of what is stopping him is his health/weight and feelings of inadequacy. We never go anywhere or do anything when I see him and he has never met any of my friends and family and vice versa. Just like you I’m running out of patience...

    What do you think is holding your husband back? Is he also lacking confidence in himself, is he scared of change, or is it something more mundane like just struggling to find the time to plan stuff? If it’s that, then it’s so much easier for a partner to help. If the reasons are emotional, then I’m not sure there is much you can do other than reassure him and try and get him excited about adventures you can have together....

    Good luck x
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