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A hit to the confidence

So I’ve been losing weight since the start of October and I’m currently down 21kg. I know I am still big and still have a lot to lose, but I had a super important meeting with work today and went to buy some nice new work clothes on the weekend and it was so disheartening.

I thought it would be a little easier being 20kg down but it was like it barely made a difference. I couldn’t find nice pants like I wanted and shops didn’t have much in my size. I’m still just too big for regular stores and I don’t want to wear the grandma clothes that plus size ranges do.

I suppose it’s another motivator to lose more weight but it just sucks when you’re feeling good about yourself and something like that knocks you down.


  • deannalfisher
    deannalfisher Posts: 5,600 Member
    i have a friend who likes clothings from DIA - - you mgiht look there
  • snr92884
    snr92884 Posts: 5 Member
    Good job so far!! All your hard work will eventually catch up to your body proportionally, it just takes time. In the mean time if your looking for cute plus size clothes try Katie Grace boutique online. I've gotten many things from them and never been disappointed. Their leggings are the most comfortable thing ever and they have them in every color you can think of and their clothes are very flattering to plus size ladies. Good luck in your journey!!!
  • imfornd70
    imfornd70 Posts: 552 Member
    dont worry about the weight - throw the scale away - worry about you energy level - worry about how your clothes fit you - I have met many people skinny but unhealthy - its take time it take consistency it take patience - just keep on doing what you are doing and you will get there - dont look for a touchdown - just keep the ball moving forward - you'll get there
  • liftingbro
    liftingbro Posts: 2,029 Member
    Unfortunately the starting point determines how long it takes to get to certain life changing events when it comes to weight loss. You're doing great and if you keep at it you will get the result you are looking for.
  • tnphelps13
    tnphelps13 Posts: 4 Member
    Start a weightlifting program. It doesn't have to be major. Just start a 1/2 hour workout, 3 days a week. If you can't get to a gym, buy some resistance bands. Start light and work your way up. Adding muscle helps you lose body fat..
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,032 Member
    Where did you shop? And where are you located? I'm in the US.

    Lane Bryant is geared towards a younger demographic and last time I was there they had clothing suitable for work.

    I've had good luck with work clothes at Kohl's Women's.
  • LunaLove2013
    LunaLove2013 Posts: 16 Member
    Is there a Maurices by you? I LOVE Maurices. They have a plus size section in the store. Its not specifically just for plus size people.
  • cupcakesandproteinshakes
    OP it’s *kitten* you can’t find some nice clothes. Keep going. You will find some nice clothes that fit you soon.