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Hi there. My name is Wayne. I come from the UK, live near the city of Nottingham. I've struggled with my weight for many years now. Tried various so called diets and seem to not get anywhere. Currently weighing 35st 1lb (490lbs), standing 6ft 1in (185.4cm). I do work (van driver) believe it or not and I do have to walk places for my job. So slightly active lol. Just want to try and lose some weight. Little goals at the moment, may be a 1lb a week (more would be better). I know I've got a mountain to overcome in the battle but hopefully I can do something about it. Please feel free to contact me or give me advice along my journey. Many thanks Wayne


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    Paging @NovusDies he has a group you might find helpful but I don't have the link handy.


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    You should definitely come to Larger Losers. The main forums are great and you can and should get a lot of great advice here. LL is a smaller setting filled with people who have an understanding of what it is like to have or have had a large amount of weight to lose.

    If you would not be interested in joining I shared some thoughts in my 1 year thread that you might find helpful:

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    Hi Wayne , I'm also living not far from notts 😁
    It must be tough trying to lose weight when you're occupation is driving. Well done for having the guts to start on this journey. You can make the changes and making small ones is the most sustainable. I was 20st 1lbs (before joining mfp)at my heaviest, now 15st 12lbs. It has been a slow journey and I'm not at goal weight .
    This year is h(opefully) the year I get there !

    Tips I can give you
    Meal plan
    Meal prep
    Prep for time you know you are likely to go off plan
    Keep a food diary so you know where you are going off plan
    Don't go too long without food
    Don't walk this journey alone - find a community that has the same goals

    Take care and all the best


    Just wondering how long did it take you to lose your weight ? I've found it opens your eyes when you scan some products and see actually how many calories are in them.

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    Not easy to answer because it wasn't a straight line to target. 15st to 20st to 13.2 to 15.12st which is where I'm at now has taken 21years lol. I have used slimming world which has really helped, clean eating, Atkins style, calorie counting and plant based, they all work if you are consistent. It is finding when you enjoy and being able to be consistent no matter what life throws at you.

    Put alot on when I had my daughter and even more after.
    I have also had health issues that have complicated weightloss. I get inflammation on my knees , knee injuries which made it hard to exercise and motivation gets low.

    The journey to health can be slow but the benefits are worth it. Even just losing half a stone you start to feel the difference.

    Have you tried doing a food diary to record what you are eating ? It's so easy to forget when one leads a busy life. And you can think it's just this one treat but then you look back over day /week and a just one turns into every day of the week or several times in one day and you never realized. Might just be me lol😝
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    Hi Wayne, I joined MFP with "only" 27 stone and for me MFP and all those supportive members was and is a God's sent. Even I (!!!) have learned a lot about food, beverages, exercise and so much more. Seems to me that every single person out there has their own unique challenges, their own likes and dislikes and my challenge was and is to find exactly that. Mental health is so very important and I had to address this first. (Deep depression after the loss of our dear son George Paul shortly after he was born.) Once I had found MFP my weight loss became more structured and more manageable. They do all the calculations for you, with the huge advantage that I can choose my own macros for my very own meal plan which suits me best and I can live with very long term. I am now on day 658 and so far have lost 45 kg, over 7 stone. Make use of the members' support system, take it step by step, meal by meal, day by day and in no time will you see changes. Go for it!