RIP Favourite Jeans

I'm not looking for advice here or anything of the sort- I just needed a space to be annoyed about a thing!

So y'know how it is. Often the sign that your weight is A Problem isn't when you look in the mirror. It's when you pull on your favourite pair of jeans and, well, getting that button closed is... a stretch. Followed by a squeeze. And then you look in the mirror and you see that waistline is less of a smoothly fitting line than it used to be.

I probably should have taken notice of it when THAT happened but no- in all my cleverness it took me taking off my favourite pair of jeans one day to see that the inside thigh had ripped RIGHT on open at SOME POINT during the day to get me on that damn scales and counting those damn calories.

That was a few weeks ago- and gawd, who doesn't feel like a right stereotype when the beginning of January is when they realise they've literally bust out of their favourite jeans like a less-ripped, more-squishy version of the Hulk?!

(Not to mention the sheer MORTIFICATION of having no idea WHEN in the day this happened..)

But I fired up the aul MFP, dusted off the weighing scales' in the bathroom and the kitchen, and set about doing something about it.

A few weeks and couple kilos in and I'm feeling pretty good about myself! This week, for the first time in longer than I should admit, I was able to pop on my second-favourite pair of jeans and close that top button with only the smallest bit of a squeeze. There I was, feeling smug and happy that I'd have my last 2 pairs of jeans to tide me over until I get to do that marvellous shopping trip a size down.

But it was not to be. I have been BETRAYED. For just this morning I'm putting on my jeans and smiling to myself about how noticeable it is that they're easier to put on, and thinking of how much better this is going to be a few weeks from now when I'm another few pounds down and... I see it.

The Second Favourite Pair are wearing through RIGHT AT THE BUTT.

I fear they will lose their integrity at any moment. And that leaves me with only one pair of jeans that fit. Leaving me, since I LIVE in jeans, leggings and hiking pants (aside from the odd time I have to wear nice work pants, but I work from home so that's.. not often! and most of THEM are too small for me too..) needing to either grab the cheapest jeans in my size I can find to tide me over the few weeks till I'm a size down, or.. well, I mean, that's the option, isn't it.

WHY could they not have survived just a little while more?! Just a couple of weeks and my butt would have fit in them nicely again!

....RIP my second favourite pair of jeans.

...but on the other hand, at least THIS time around my dignity is halfway intact. So there's that ;)


  • ZoneFive
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    Sometimes it seems like the world just conspires against us, doesn't it? ;)
  • BeGrandLike
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    Doesn't it just?

    And I loved those jeans. They are- I mean, were- high waisted enough to hide the worst of my tummy fat, and at the same time just the right shape to make my butt look great :'(

    ...guess the only option is to make my tummy and butt look great even WITHOUT those jeans, but we all know that ain't happening tomorrow or this week!
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    Your tummy and butt will look GREAT very soon! in the meanwhile... you wear the jeans with a hole while at home... and the ones without a hole when you're out :wink:

    P.S. not to suggest they don't look great now! :blush:
  • whitpauly
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    My favorite pair of Lucky's had the crotch blow out-no chance of fixing😞 they were that perfect softness that some jeans take on after years of wear and washing boo hoo RIP my special 2000 edition
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    whitpauly wrote: »
    My favorite pair of Lucky's had the crotch blow out-no chance of fixing😞 they were that perfect softness that some jeans take on after years of wear and washing boo hoo RIP my special 2000 edition

    Nooooooooo! Losing the perfectly-comfy-softest jeans is the worst :(:(
  • LeannJeffers
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    I know the feeling all to well. Since last fall I was down to one pair of jeans that fit me comfortably. 2 weeks ago I had just washed my favorite (and only) jeans that fit and I had to do a little shimmy and then I always do a couple of lunges to get them stretched after washing - well alas this time when i went to stretch they ripped out under my butt and it was ALL the way ripped. Luckily I received a new pair of larger jeans for Christmas - so still living in one pair of jeans but working harder than ever to get the other 5 pair to fit again. I can't be to mad at myself because my weight gain came on quickly after I quit smoking in February of 2019. I wasn't eating any more than I usually did but the combo of turning 40 and my metabolism slowing down wasn't good for my waistline.
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    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    I'm sorry about your favorite jeans. It's always a sad day when a beloved pair of jeans fails you.

    But...have you considered adopting at your local thrift center? There are often literally dozens of pairs of discounted denim trousers just waiting for a good home.

    As the delightedly-proud human to a giant wonderful goofball of a rescue dog: why yes, I guess adopting some jeans would be an excellent idea!

    ...Not the dog pictured in my avatar, I'm afraid. That is a whole DIFFERENT Best Boy.
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    Lietchi wrote: »
    I have to say that I cannot really relate (anymore) to having a favorite pair of jeans. I have two pairs right now, one more 'formal' (dark blue) and one informal (bleached) which I will wear until they are too big (or until they wear out between my thighs).

    And before losing weight, I also simply had 2 pairs which I alternated until they wore out between my thighs, usually only in a few months :frowning: Since being obese, I've always bought cheap jeans from the same brand, which has larger sizes than most brands in Belgium. I never 'invested' in more expensive jeans, since they would wear out so quickly.

    I would love to lose enough weight to actually HAVE a favorite pair of jeans! With less 'inner thigh flab', my jeans wouldn't wear out so quickly and I could invest in nice pants. Your post has brought back such a distant memory, the days when I had favorite pants!

    You know something?

    This whole thread got me thinking about how I used to blame my "giant lifting/squatting thighs/butt" on why I keep on wearing my jeans through on the inner thigh after a few months. I got so used to it that I took it for granted, and having the "excuse" of doing a lot of squats meant I wasn't thinking about the influence of the, er, pizzas and icecreams and things.. :D

    I hope that BOTH of us get to a place where we can have well-loved jeans that are our favourites for more than a few months at a time.

  • BeGrandLike
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    I can't be to mad at myself because my weight gain came on quickly after I quit smoking in February of 2019. I wasn't eating any more than I usually did but the combo of turning 40 and my metabolism slowing down wasn't good for my waistline.

    Oh c'mere, RELATABLE! I mean I'm 37- so not far off 40!- and in my case it was starting on a medication a year ago which caused my appetite to SHOOT up and my energy level to TANK down for the first months I was on it. Luckily at this stage everything's pretty much fine, and the meds have improved my overall health an absolute ton.

    But that thing where you do one thing to improve your health in one aspect, and it's like a see-saw where another aspect like your weight just shoots up? So. Incredibly. Relatable.

    Massive congrats and respect to you for quitting smoking, by the way. Good for you!
  • Womona
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    Oh you poor jean-less thing!!!!! It’s a sad day when our favorite clothes bite the dust. Someone mentioned this above, and I will second- thrift or consignment shops have great, affordable clothing that can get you by. Good luck finding your new favorite pair!
  • ahoy_m8
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    I feel ya'. Honestly, I would just keep wearing the 2nd fav pair. What are you saving them for? Enjoy them to the last. I was in the grocery store check out line when a man, a complete and utter stranger, said loud enough for me to hear that he bet he knew what my favorite pair of jeans were. I turned around and gave him a weak not-sure-if-you're-a-creep-why-are-you-looking-at-my-butt kind of smile and he just shrugged. Looked at my backside when I got home. My underwear showed THROUGH my jeans. That was their final voyage. I was sad to say goodbye, but they truly served me well. It was a memorable sendoff.
  • kshama2001
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    Are iron-on patches still a thing? That's what my mom used to do to extend the lives of our jeans when we were kids.

    Yes, they are!