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cgrout78 Posts: 1,679 Member
41 year old snarky female who speaks fluent movie and music quotes

I hate dieting, trying to learn to love exercise again and somehow found myself in a 6 week crash challenge to get me off my butt.

Looking for like minded friends who will keep me accountable and amused as we trudge our way through a life without our favorite foods and learning to love sweat.


  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    You are more than welcome to add me ....I just re started my journey again on Jan. 1st after an 8 month foot injury...I love to walk my dogs and do aerobics...hopefully you can find something you love :)
  • la_maestra
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    Hello! Feel free to add me. I, too, speak in movie quotes and music lyrics from time to time. Lol! And I'm right there with you on this fitness journey. I totally get it! We can do this, though!
  • cgrout78
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    Added you both!!!
  • Yyclovely
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    You are welcome to add me too, 35 and trying to find some exercise I love too keep up to my uber athletic kids & husband :) Bonus points for serving up some sarcasm along the way!
  • Lynatea
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    Welcome to MFP! Snarky I am...but you'll never get me to like sweat. Nope, nada, not gonna happen. Ladies dont sweat, they 'glisten' so my grandmother once told me. Feel free to add me :D
  • tcunbeliever
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    I'm kind of obnoxious and post about <gasp> non-fitness things...but I'm always up for more friends...if you think you can stand it...
  • jeagogo
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    I've never made it past day 1 with anything that could be considered a "diet" other than just counting calories and learning portion control. In the time I've used MFP I have not touched a salad, haven't juiced or fasted or cut carbs, and it seems to work fine for me.

    For me working out really does need to involve doing an activity I love (or at least doing less fun workouts that make me better at the activity I love). I grew up as a very indoor, artsy child - never played any sports and ditched PE to moonlight in band class, so getting into fitness as an adult has required some experimentation.
  • rockbam123
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    Love to quote music, trying to relate great lines to things that happen in everyday life. Sweat is good!
  • jessstere
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    Feel free to add me! Also I don't consider calorie counting as dieting. I just tracked my first week of normal eating then focused on getting all I need without consuming as many calories. Seems to be working so far lol
  • Viking_Dad
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    Sorry, I only speak Simpson quotes.