The benefit of losing Facebook?

I’ve just completed week 3
And I’m 8lbs down

I’ve successfully done significant weight loss twice before on MFP, but it’s taken me months to get back into it this time.

So what was the difference of the last 3 weeks? I lost access to Facebook! So every time I habitually looked to my phone where did I go? I logged my food!

I would like to build up a network on here if possible which will keep me coming back

Anyone? :)


  • katsheare
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    @ultraastra Congrats on week 3 and your success so far! That is no mean feat.

    For me, being successful in my physical goals (not just weight loss, but also strength and stamina building) has absolutely hinged on finding a group (or two...) of supportive people here in the MFP community. Look through the Challenges ( if you haven't already; there are some that are very competitive, some that are less intensive (weekly check-ins, etc), and a fair few that will be themed. Opting into something like that gives you a running chance of finding like-minded individuals here, a much more curated approach than FB has...

    I'm with @tinkerbellang83 about the 'book; my family and many of my friends are at least 5 time zones away from me, and it gives me a chance to dip in and out and keep up-ish to date. I don't take it personally when I don't know what's going on because 'it was on Facebook' and they've learned that if they actually need me a personal message needs to be sent. I've never been in with the in-crowd anyway. Except maybe here :smiley:
  • FreedomSand
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    I managed 21 days without FB last July - Aug. Life was so good!

    Unfortunately I find I do need it for the groups I am in. I volunteer with cat and dog rescue, and have many contacts on FB through groups, with no other way to communicate to those folks. I also have one of my dogs in Agility and found an Agility group that is awesome and a great help to me.

    I used to enjoy online forums, they were free, you could connect with folks on one specific topic and share info. Back then photobucket let you upload photos to the forums for free.

    Once FB came along, and at the same time photobucket started charging folks, that was end of many forums. But FB is NOT the same, as you get people's lives and opinions 'shoved in your face,' as @csplatt stated.

    Now I try to limit my time on FB, and stick to the groups rather than the newsfeed. That helps some. I wish I could completely do away with it, but it is so integrated into the rescue community.

    @LivingtheLeanDream I would love to know which program you are using for learning Italian language.
  • 13bbird13
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    I'm awful at Facebook. I've tried twice and failed to keep up... and I only have 14 friends! I only accepted requests from people I actually want to stay in touch with, but I still feel overwhelmed, as if I'll offend someone if I miss "liking" one of their photos. I haven't been on since May 2018, and I have photos from three really nice vacations to share, but I don't know if I'll ever go back.
  • dbanks80
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    I deactivate my account to take a break from time to time. I use it to keep in touch with my family. I do tend to compulsive shop when the advertisements to my favorite stores scroll across (not a good thing). But typically Facebook is a total waste of time.
  • rachelr1116
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    I took a break from Facebook this month and felt so much more productive! It would be nice to ditch it completely but I need it to keep in touch with a volunteer group and I do like searching the events for things to do with my friends and family. I did delete the app from my phone so now it isn't so easy to just tap a button and spend too long browsing.
  • Ghostofachance
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    I take a sabbatical from Facebook during Lent each year (less for religious reasons than for mental health ones). I find I don't miss it that much while I'm gone but slowly get sucked back in after a few weeks. Honestly, if it weren't for pictures of friends/family's kids and pets, I'd probably have left long ago.
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    I've always called it "FAKEbook", because the letter C can sometimes sound like a K...

  • dbanks80
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    I've always called it "FAKEbook", because the letter C can sometimes sound like a K...


    My sister always say you can be whoever you want to be on Fakebook! LOL!
  • hesn92
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    I deactivated my fb around thanksgiving this year. I find myself getting addicted to it and just mindlessly scroll... I also check it compulsively your see if there are any notifications. I’ve been meaning to ho back to it because there are some groups that were useful for me and added value to my life, and I do like to keep in touch with some people, but I’ve been too scared to reactivate it. I still have Instagram. But I don’t really instagram right haha I have like 10 followers.