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Restarting Quickly & Sticking To It - Advice Needed



  • karenesgkarenesg Posts: 302Member Member Posts: 302Member Member
    Yes, lots of great advice here! A lot that I needed to be reminded of. MFP is such a great community. Only thing I can add is a new lifestyle to improve health and lose weight has to be sustainable to find lasting success. Welcome back @robingmurphy, sounds like you're now off to a great start. Best to you!
  • kali31337kali31337 Posts: 949Member, Premium Member Posts: 949Member, Premium Member
    I can commit to at least tracking. I admit that a lot of times when I start going off track, I stop tracking altogether.

    That's exactly one of the first of signs of me going off the rails.
  • Yivs_87Yivs_87 Posts: 240Member Member Posts: 240Member Member
    @PAV8888 Thank you for sharing your story. It was exactly what I needed to read today.
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