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Women 200lb+, Let's Stay Fired Up This February!!!



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    @bluffgirl67 prayers for momma and you from all of us today. I hope you are feeling better and the surgery is successful.

    @mmccloy12 I'm proud of you for opening your diary. I have found there is no judgment at all; if anything, I feel like my friends here are the only ones who would really understand why I ate what I ate when things go off the rails! And thank you, because looking at other's diaries is a way for me to get ideas about how to do this. Mine is open if anyone is interested in peeking; just send me a friend request.

    @shorepine congrats on taking control over your busy week. I host conferences and seminars too. It is draining and really hard to find time for yourself and stay on track. I'm so impressed!

    @lbostic89 great job on teaching your daughter about hunger versus boredom eating at such a young age.

    @fitchick37 I think modeling positive behavior and being really open about what you are doing is really helpful with a sensitive topic at a sensitive age. I have no doubt that she will start talking to you about it when she is ready.

    @lilann1961 you are doing great too momma! It is such a tricky balance, especially in the ballet atmosphere.

    @mmdeveau hugs about your dad's comments. Those can stick with us for so long and I love that you have such a healthy perspective now.

    @CupcakeCrusoe thank you for your positive energy and solid advice every day! I learn a lot from you.

    @keriA what a fantastic NSV to zip up that vest! You are doing great!!

    I can't go back further right now but I did read all of your comments and am rooting for all of you this week!
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