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    @ConfidentRaven Oh, cool! If you have a decent gaming PC, the best route to go currently (IMO) is the Oculus Rift S. If you want a standalone headset, the Oculus Quest is a good option. Both are around the same price, but you have to choose between tethered-to-a-pc and better looking or wireless-and-no-pc-required.

    Please let me know if you guys end up getting one. I'd love to hear your initial reactions to it.
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    @SarahG626 I’m so sorry for the losses you have had this week. Prayers of peace for you, your family and friends.
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    @Suezq72760 and @jamfullhouse I’m a “quilter” who doesn’t quilt. I like piecing but trying to wrangle quilts through my domestic machine is a killer with arthritis in the neck.

    @fit502014 Just an FYI - Many years ago I went to a doctor who diagnosed me as insulin resistant (no one I know had ever heard of this at that point! Who knew it was a real thing??) and suffering from a systemic yeast infection. Part of the treatment was avoiding carbs (I now assume for the resistance part) and because of the yeast, no aged or fermented items. That eliminates cheese, wine, vinegar and any fruit that MIGHT have hidden mold. Since we were eating oranges and apples fairly regularly, I started examining them closely and discovered what could be mold around the stem or blossom ends on almost all we bought.
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    I love that you listen to your mamma! My kids do everynow and then. The other times, I chalk up to "your decision, your consequences. Own them!" I'm a tough love kind of mom lol! I love living in TX. As they say, I wasn't born here but got here as soon as I could....You should be here in time for wildflowers, which will be great in that area. Good luck on the transition.🤘