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  • mattig89chmattig89ch Posts: 2,343Member Member Posts: 2,343Member Member
    I love subway myself. I just use the black Forrest ham sandwich option and enter 1.5 as the quantity amount. Then just get my Ham, American, Lettuce, Tomato, Extra Onions (typically just double w/e they put on there), Cucumbers, and Light Mayo. 500 calories assumed, no actual idea how many calories that is.
  • viczye23viczye23 Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
    Turkey and ham, used to get on honey oat but can't get honey oat here now. Always get cheese, lettuce, cucumber, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, pickles and a bit of mayo
  • YellowD0gsYellowD0gs Posts: 192Member Member Posts: 192Member Member
    I was wondering the other day about their bread. Nowhere in the wild have I ever seen a 6" roll with those calories. Do we think they're using the wiggle room of their margin for error by understating? Or are they bread wizards? 'd love to be able to source rolls like that for sandwiches at home.

    My impression (from eating them) is that there is a ton of air in their bread.

    Once I saw the bread just after they formed it, before it proofed. I said “Wow! How do you get that big loaf of bread out of that little bitty snake of dough?” Someone should just buy the bread, no filling, and weigh it—just to see.

    Edited to add— I’m a bread baker— it definitely more than doubles.

    They do something with their bread, not sure what. But of all the sub shops everywhere, their 9 grain is, among other things, lower in sodium than the others. Less salt? Less Baking soda? What? But it's the only "fast food" sub I'll have.
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