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Good Days Versus Chicken Wing Train Wrecks



  • lgfrielgfrie Posts: 861Member, Premium Member Posts: 861Member, Premium Member
    sgt1372 wrote: »
    BradOWGolf wrote: »
    Does that one train wreck ruin the entire prior 6 days?

    The "banking calories" crowd will say it doesn't matter but I don't share that point of view.

    You won't turn into a fat mess if you have a binge day every wk or so, but I believe that "consistency matters" and that it is better to try to stay at or below your cal target EVERYDAY than to binge excessively, even if you "make up" the difference by under eating the rest of the week.

    That said, what ultimately matters for wt loss or maintenance, is eating at or below your cal goal (assuming that the goal will actually achieve your goal).

    In other words, it is all about CI<CO, regardless of the time frame that is used to measure it.

  • serindipteserindipte Posts: 1,557Member Member Posts: 1,557Member Member
    If you're using the app on your phone, you can look at "Nutrition" and weekly average. That will tell you how you're doing as far as your overall goal. As long as THAT number is around your calorie goal, you're good to go. I prefer to eat a bit less some days, more on others so I can have wings or pizza or whatever it is without having to reduce my portion to make it fit in a daily goal.
  • thescouselander77thescouselander77 Posts: 31Member, Premium Member Posts: 31Member, Premium Member
    I do the same thing occasionally but I do try to limit the damage a bit. For example in that scenario I'd have skipped the cheese sticks and also ordered a slightly less calorific burger.

    I don't think a single session like that will make a significant difference though. I've been weighing myself daily and taking a 7 day rolling average which results in a pretty much straight line showing weight change.

    I've also noticed that after drinking a lot I wake up nearly 1kg lighter (presumably water loss) and then I get a huge rebound of nearly 2kg before settling down to the weight I was before drinking. That definitely makes weight tracking more difficult.
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