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    Fyi thai basil is very very easy to grow if you love pho and are considering your summer garden.

    Yes, I grow Thai basil. The variety I grow, if you don't harvest it regularly, it grows beautiful purple flowers. I froze a bunch of leaves last fall before the frost could kill it. Defrosted, it was fine for soup/stews, but not nice for garnish like fresh is.

    What I get at the garden center has smallish leaves like this. Last time I had Pho at a restaurant, the leaves were enormous! (And abundant - I brought home the extras and used them in something else.)


    Oh, that's a great idea. I can't believe I haven't thought to do that -- they give you so much, and obviously they can't serve it to anyone else once it's been on your plate. I could bring home the jalapenos, too, since I don't much care for a big slice in my soup, but could chop it up for something I make at home.
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    I get a huge bowl of pho sac biet and eat allllll the noodles lol