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  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,888 Member Member Posts: 1,888 Member
    @mmccloy12: Can you brainstorm things that you can take and have to be healthy things to snack on? I do that for my boyfriend; he had weight loss surgery, and now he can't exactly eat out of the vending machine. I send him lunch (he has one of those Hotlogic warming lunchboxes, so he's not lining up for the microwave and if he has to eat a little now and the rest later he can) along with some almond protein cookies I make at home (I can give recipe for people who want it) and some small packets of nuts and some cheese sticks and some jerky. We keep another bag of jerky and some nuts in the car in case he's having trouble getting home to dinner (Crash on the interstate, weather slows things down, etc.) He doesn't always eat all of it, but some days he needs every bit of it to get through, and comes in and says, "You'll need to replace the jerky in the glove box." And that's okay.

    Make sure to fence off your lunch time and snack times. You need that to do the best work you can. One of the best metaphors about this is one I saw in a Victorian book. (no, really!) If you are using a scythe to cut grass, you have to pause periodically and sharpen it. If you spend all your time sharpening, nothing will get done, but if you don't pause and sharpen when you need to, you'll be working hard to no purpose. So you need to plan to have time to renew yourself and take care of yourself, especially when you know you'll have a lot of work to do, and you'll find by taking that five minutes to visit the bathroom, have some water, and eat your cheese stick or whatever, you'll discover you are immensely more productive in the long run.

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    @theleadmare thank you! I meal prep at the beginning of the week. I have lots of healthy snacks and lunch. The problem is finding the time to eat. We went from a staff of 7 to 2. I hope I can still make time to sit down and eat and not let myself get too hungry
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    @mmccloy12 I'm sorry things are so stressful, but it sounds like you're doing great in anticipating where it might be a struggle and trying to prepare for that rather than just react. I'm working on saying to myself, yes, this is going to be a tough situation but that's not going to be my excuse to fall apart.
    I absolutely do not want to overreach here, or offend so I'm sorry if I'm wildly off the mark, but with the dating, it sounds like you kind of find ways to be rejected, because you know what that feels like, so subconsciously it's less scary and it can be an excuse to wallow in food for comfort. I know just as many people who are overweight in relationships as the other way around, and I know just as many single slim people who wish they had someone. So logically, it's not a turn off for every man in the world, and by choosing not to share an honest picture you're giving yourself something to blame if it goes wrong because that's more familiar to you and its a form of rejection you can put in a box and not examine the feelings around. If you change your picture, what happens? You might get fewer dates but you go into them with a better chance of meeting someone compatible surely?
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    @mmccloy12 sorry for over reading into what you wrote, and I completely get the need to rant every so often.
    I've been listening on my laptop in work and making notes while I listen on moments that resonate with me. I feel a bit stupid talking about these things in real life, especially with people who just don't have a problem with food!
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    Follow-up on the coffee: I did buy a bag of cacao butter at the store this weekend. $8.99 for the bag, but at the rate of one teaspoon a day (at best, it's not practical for my work coffee), its cost per serving is pretty low. I suspect it may go rancid before I would use it all.

    I do like the flavor butter. The filtered coconut oil is fairly tasteless. However, the cacao butter is harder to portion than the "scoopable" coconut oil, which is why it would not be great to keep in the office. I'll have to see if I can figure out an alternate solution!
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    @mmccloy12 I'm so sorry; we were away this weekend and just saw your post.

    I'm sorry that Valentine's Day was hard. I have had similar experiences in the past; I didn't mind being alone so much but holidays really got to me that I did not have someone.

    I think your friend is has some insights that could be helpful to you. Confidence and loving yourself will attract love and positive energy. It's asking a lot of someone new when we don't feel good about ourselves and need someone else to feel like we are worthy. It also makes us dependent on them in a way this isn't healthy. I think you will draw more people to you as you become stronger and more confident in yourself, your abilities, and your worth. This will happen as you lose weight. Not just because your appearance will change but because when you make healthy decisions for yourself you will be showing yourself that you love and you value yourself. And you will accomplish things you weren't sure you could do.

    I took 5 years off dating in between my first and second husbands because I knew I needed time to heal and grow. I can't tell you how many self help books I read during that time!! In addition to focusing on your weight and health, use this time to focus on how you can become more assertive and confident. If working with a counselor or therapist is an option, I would absolutely do it. If you suffer from depression, your medical insurance can help cover it. I learned so much about myself in therapy. I'm still a work in progress of course but it is helpful to have guided insights from someone observing you.

    Regarding your job, I'm sorry people were fired and I am sure it is super stressful with fewer people and worry if you might be next. But your job situation might be a key opportunity to practice taking control and looking out for yourself.
    1. You were one of the people they kept! That says that your boss values you as an employee and person. That should feel great!
    2. You are entitled to take breaks to eat your meals. Let your boss know these are the times of day you need off and for how long. Say it is for medical reasons (maintaining blood sugar) if need be; I bet you can get a doctor's note if they request it. It's not your problem if they fired everyone and are short staffed. They have to let you go to the bathroom too, right?? Then stick to the times you both agree to even if things get stressful.
    3. Do not let the work situation become a reason for stopping your progress. You can still prepare your meals and bring them, regardless of what happens during the day. That's what you eat, period.
    4. Consider whether you want to look for another job. It's always easier to find a job when you have one! If the working environment is negative because they let too many people go, then maybe this is not a good place to be long term. And if they fired that many people then they may have financial issues meaning they will shut down entirely so being ahead of that decision will serve you well. You get to choose where you work.
    I have seen you transform, mentally and physically, over the last few months. I really do believe this job situation is a opportunity for you to take another big step in personal growth. I think Corinne would encourage you to reframe it this way too. :) And I have no doubt that you can do it.
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  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Member Posts: 151 Member Member Posts: 151 Member
    Thank you @aliciap0116! You are so right...I think on our other thread, someone asked about when we all started loving ourselves...I have a lot of work to do in that area! It still is hard sometimes on hard days :( But I hear ya on all of it!

    On the job, very good points! I did have some time to think over the weekend about all of it. And you are right, they can't hold me hostage and must let me eat :D I just have a work ethic that I think gets in the way of my rights per say and I will always go the extra mile...but this journey is more important to me this time and I am not going to let this job get in the way of me reaching my goals! If I have to get a new job I will do it!

    Thank you again for your always encouraging words and re-framing my way of looking at my situation in a positive way!
  • mmdeveaummdeveau Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    A quick update on the coffee experiment. I have been putting 1 teaspoon of either coconut oil or cacao butter in my morning coffee for about 2 weeks. I have to say, it might be making a bit of a difference for me. My skin feels less dry, and my contacts don't seem to dry out as fast. A bit too early to call anything about nails or hair. I've been noticing my nails have been especially brittle.

    Another thing I think is funny. I introduced a woman at work to the podcast. I warned her about the swearing any everything. She listened to a podcast that night. When I asked her the next day for her thoughts, she said "I love her!!"
  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Member Posts: 151 Member Member Posts: 151 Member
    @mmdevaux cool! I really want to try it but something is stopping me on putting oil in my coffee :D But it's good to know someone is trying it and it's working!

    That's great that your co-worker liked the podcast...I mean it really is hard not to unless the language is just not acceptable to them!

    I been having a hard time finding time to listen...but I definitely miss it and want to make time for it. I try and listen to it right before bed and I fall asleep :D Also try to listen while driving but I lose signal all the time...ugh. Wish I had a fancy car that I could blue tooth it!

    Hey and by the way, congrats on the Broad Street glad you got in!
  • mmdeveaummdeveau Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    @mmccloy12, I know how you feel about adding the fat to the coffee. Honestly, the cacao butter is pretty good because it does have that subtle chocolate flavor. The coconut oil is not that bad either, but it has almost no taste. For either one, I have to stir my coffee before each sip. Corinne has a frother, which probably emulsifies the fat in the coffee better. But stirring works well enough for me. Trust me, I'm already "bougie" enough at work with my water pitcher, the mass quantity of French press coffee I bring in and reheat to drink throughout the week, and using real dishes and cutlery to eat - the frother might really characterize me as difficult!

    This additional fat is good for me. When I had my gallbladder removed a while ago, I really had trouble eating high-fat foods. I think I'm finally better adjusted, almost 20 years later! But as a result, I've developed eating habits that are lower in fat than most people consume. I am trying to work on adding healthy fats back into the diet.

    What I'm planning for today - a bit of guacamole to top my chili at lunch. And salmon for dinner tonight! I saw your diary from yesterday and you ate those same things!

    As far as the podcast goes, I actually download them onto my phone through the Podcast app - I am an iPhone user, so if you are not your experience may vary. I listen when I am on the train and usually while I'm making dinner. And when I do my core exercises at home. I live alone, though! :D Anyway, as fast as the train moves in some spots, if I was streaming the podcast I'd have issues too.
  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Member Posts: 151 Member Member Posts: 151 Member
    @mmdeveau I have an android phone and it won't let me download the podcasts unfortunately. It's frustrating! Because I really wanted to listen from the very beginning and go to the end, but it is so difficult to go to the first ones on my phone ugh!

    I keep forgetting to look for the cacao butter...or order it on Amazon. I think I would be more apt to use that then the coconut oil!

    I am the same way at work...I have everything I need to make healthy choices and convenience. I often get ostracized for doing it...I wanted to bring in my own microwave because of the looks I get in the break room...but some comments were made that made me put it back in my car :D I can't make my kale chips in the oven in there but they sure can make their pizza SMH!
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    @mmdeaveau thank you for the coffee update! When you put the cacao in is it like having a touch of creamer? If so, I might be able to do that.

    @mmccloy12 if you are using the Android podcast app, there is a setting you can use to have it listen from oldest to most recent. I did the same adjustment on my iphone, and also when I set it up for my aunt.

    I had a PNP moment this weekend went I unexpectedly went out to Cuban restaurant on Saturday. Cuban is my absolute favorite food. But I decided I didn't need to have a "party in my mouth" and chose an yummy salad with mango and black beans over my traditional favorites. Granted, I will choose the favorites sometimes but there is something liberating about knowing you don't need to pick your favorite every time you go out to eat!
  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Member Posts: 151 Member Member Posts: 151 Member
    @aliciap0116 oh my gosh...I am great on computers but not phones...for some reason I didn't think I could play an apple podcast on my android podcast app...duhhh...just looked for it and there it is! And I was able to sort the order. Wow...I feel dumb :D But now I am excited and will most likely listen more!

    That's awesome that you had a PNP moment! I have not eaten out in a long time because of this very thing. My mindset says well if I am paying for it then I am going to eat something good...gotta get out of that somehow.

    I am listening to her exercise one right now (her 8th one from the beginning)...mainly because I am struggling.Treadmill is up for now in my living room and I stare at it every night. The main reason for getting the treadmill was to warm up mostly. It hurts my knees, foot and back to walk very long on it. So it's very hard for me to get on it knowing it will hurt. I am thinking once the weight comes off I will be able to do more. But again, I keep thinking I have to do 30 minutes to make it worth while (my *kitten* excuse of it not being enough). I really need to realize that right now until I get the home gym up and working...I need to set a baseline minimum for myself on the treadmill. Like I will do 15 minutes two or three times a week until I can set up the other machine and that's ok because I am doing something to work towards my goal of being an "exerciser" even if that is all I do for now.
  • aliciap0116aliciap0116 Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member
    @mmccloy12 haha I am going to tell my kids I was able to help someone with tech!!

    I am also struggling with exercise. I bought a spinning bike and really like it. But it is in our attic and it so hard to go up there and exercise after my son is in bed (8:45) and I am tired.

    But when I read your post I think to myself “of course 15 minutes is enough!” and if we did that 6 days a week that would be an hour and a half of exercise a week. Nothing compared to all the runners on our feed but better than zero.

    Let’s make a pact for 15 minutes a day no matter what. We can go longer if we are up for it but 15 minimum.
  • mmccloy12mmccloy12 Member Posts: 151 Member Member Posts: 151 Member
    @aliciap0116 that's awesome, I am sure they will get a kick out of that!

    I am in on the 15 minutes a day, I can do that! Let's do it!

    I hear ya on the runners...I am like oh my god but aspire to one day being able to do that too!
  • aliciap0116aliciap0116 Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member
    @mmccloy12 love it!! So we don’t clutter up the feed let’s message back and forth when we accomplish it each day for at least the first week!
  • aliciap0116aliciap0116 Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member Member, Premium Posts: 232 Member
    Just checking in here with some observations and podcast gems that have served me well!
    • mmccloy12 and I made our pact to exercise for 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. We are doing great! I have found that once I start exercising, I am happy to go longer. But knowing that I need to do the 15 minutes, each day, is key to me actual getting going. Frankly, also checking in with @mmccloy12 because there are days when I did it just to be in solidarity with her!
    • Corrine notes that you don't have to feel like it all of the time. Huge light bulb - just because I am not feeling motivated or inspired or wanting to do something does not mean I just should just stop until I feel like it again. It means I should still do those things anyway, and will hopefully start feeling like it again soon.
    • Another theme I love is how to start over when you do fall. Corrine advocates having a 24 hour plan to get back on the wagon. This is a nice way to separate a day that went crossways from the rest of your week/future.
    • I am continuing to count calories because I think tracking keeps me accountable. But I am starting to pay more attention to hunger cues. I am finding that the day after a big day of eating, I am not as hungry. So I am trying to eat less, even if is below my goal. Seems sensible enough, but before I felt entitled to a treat to bring myself up to the goal calories.
    • On the same theme of paying attention to your body, I stopped myself from eating a ton of AMAZING food at a buffet on Saturday night by asking myself if I was still hungry. @mmdeveau, I know you had the same experience! It's a very cool feeling!!! This will also serve me well a few days from now when we go for a mini vacation and have a lot of those buffet type opportunities.
    • And above, this is a repeat, but I don't always need to chose the most amazing thing on the menu. I have had several work events where I made better choices with this recognition and I am so glad I didn't ruin my day just because I had the opportunity to order something not consistent with my "plan."
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