Breads and Grains

How many servings do you eat daily ?


  • pence429
    pence429 Posts: 28 Member
    As a general rule: none. Haven't for about 3 1/2 years. I simply feel much better without those carbs.
  • Jruzer
    Jruzer Posts: 3,500 Member
    Varies by day and the meals we're having. Some days as low as 2 servings, other days maybe 4-6.

    I feel just fine with the complex carbohydrates - they give me fuel for my exercise.
  • maureenkhilde
    maureenkhilde Posts: 850 Member
    None, I eat carbs but not bread, pasta, rice. They do hoirrible things to my blood sugar numbers. Type 2 diabetic. I use alternate flours instead.
  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,023 Member
    I have at least one serving at every meal, sometimes more, plus sometimes snacks. So I'd say 3-6.
  • kooris
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    To : Kimny 72
    Have you had successful weight loss ?
    I love eating good bread !
  • freda666
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    What is a "serving" of bread?
  • ElizabethKalmbach
    ElizabethKalmbach Posts: 1,416 Member
    I usually have about 200 calories worth of bread/grains/potatoes/pasta per meal x 2 meals per day. My step count is close to 20k/day and I can't meet my caloric targets conveniently without them.
  • Luke_rabbit
    Luke_rabbit Posts: 1,031 Member
    As many as I want. I mostly eat whole grains, but that's because I prefer the taste. My servings probably vary from 2 - 6.

    I eat pescatarian, mostly vegetarian (for 20+ years). I'm now in maintenance and eat 1600 - 1700 calories, 45 - 50% carbs. I am 55, 5'3", and weigh 122 lbs.
  • lemurcat2
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    Depends. I'm not a big fan of most bread and tend to prefer other starchy carbs (beans, tubers) to grains on average, but grains (rice, corn, barley, pasta, oats, etc.) definitely do make up some of my diet and I like occasional good bread (including an occasional sandwich).

    On a typical day, probably one serving, but it can be none and it can certainly be more than one, really varies.

    This is not a change I made due to dieting -- I wasn't a big grain person before either, although I was more likely to mindlessly eat things because they were there.
  • summery79
    summery79 Posts: 116 Member
    3ish and mostly whole grains (Did not do a low-carb approach for weight loss and I've been in maintenance for a looong time now.)
  • missysippy930
    missysippy930 Posts: 2,577 Member
    Usually 2 servings per day, but it varies. I’ve been having toast every morning for a couple of weeks now and I have a few homemade croutons on my salad.
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,522 Member
    When I was in weight loss mode I limited my wheat products mainly because I have a problem with moderation when it comes to wheat products.

    The only bread I bought was 100% whole grain super market bread. It isn't that delicious by itself so I wasn't tempted to eat the whole loaf like I would with bakery bread. This is the one case where I didn't buy quality over utility. I still ate 1-2 slices of bread during weight loss, but no crackers, cold wheat based cereal, pasta only once per week. Bread is a trigger food for me, so are those other foods I just mentioned. Oh, pretzels.

    I still lost my 80 pounds, but yeah - bread had to be one to two slices per day. There just wasn't room for more, calorie-wise.
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,522 Member
    Corn, rice and oats don't trigger me. Unless it's popcorn. The way I tell myself to stop eating popcorn is by saying, "Okay, but all that fiber will be hell to pay tomorrow."
  • J72FIT
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    Servings vary from day to day but I eat bread and other grains nearly every day. About 50% carbs on most days...
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    What do you consider a serving? I have two slices of toast in the morning, some bread or grain at lunch (1-2 servings maybe?) And dinner I probably have 2-4 servings of pasta, bread, rice, other grains.
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,763 Member
    On an average day, 0-2. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating them, I just typically prefer to get my carbohydrates from other sources.