Women 200lb+, Let's Keep It Moving This March!!!



  • charsuzy
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    How can I get motivated to exercise??
  • BrownSugar174
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    @charsuzy This man just inspires me each time I watch him walk through his journey!!
    Be inspired!

  • Emilyestelle1
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    Hi all,

    So I for March my basic goal is to continue the strength training I set up in Feb.
    I'll stick with it until the 5th of April, then I have to swap out plans and ...probably make it harder. But for now, I have a routine that I do 5 days a week. Its short and definitely leaves me feeling it. My goal for last month was to lose about 4 pounds and make 190.0. (Which I *almost did*)

    Starting this month at: 190.4
    Goal for the end of March: 185

    Has anybody ever used a body composition scale? (How much you weigh, but also your body fat %, water retention, and muscle mass). Do they work??? Thinking of getting one.
  • sjonathans
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    @Emilyestelle1 I have a body comp scale and I really like it. It lets me see the whole picture not just the weight. So if my weight goes up but does the water, I know I am just retaining water, or gaining muscle or any other scenario.
  • mmdeveau
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    @Emilyestelle1 - my scale has body composition measurements, and I used them when I first got it. But the measurements started to make no sense and so I now only use it as a regular scale.

    Generally speaking, I think most home body composition scales will have a high variability associated with them. (If my body fat measurement was inaccurate, but consistent, I would use the body comp numbers because I'd be interested in the change.) What I have been told is that the body comp scales that come with a bar you hold in your hands as you weigh are more accurate at measuring body fat.

    I know that @speyerj did post on the February thread about how she uses her body comp scale, and she went into a lot of detail.