What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • Cerizez
    Cerizez Posts: 147 Member
    I attended a Christmas banquet for work. There was dessert sitting on the table. I did not touch any. I was soooo happy that i am now able to say no to dessert. I am in control of what i eat ;)

    This!! to be in control of what you eat. Awesome!!
  • epangili
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    epangili wrote: »
    Is this food I love going to love me back?

    I just ❤️ this sentence. I find it very thought provoking and will use it going forward.

    Well done on your NSV 😀

    Thank you! This reflection question usually stops me. I wish you success in your weightloss journey my mfp friend 🤗
  • epangili
    epangili Posts: 818 Member
    Joined UAC (Ultimate Accountability Challenge) on mfp and it's really helping me be super mindful because of daily posts and rules plus made more encouraging mfp friends too!