Healthy/semi-healthy Starbucks drinks?



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    @lightenup2016 - they don’t have decaf anymore? How weird!
    @scarlett_k - I’ve never heard of a cortado , is this an English thing?
    @skelterhelter I think I love you 💕❤️😘 I will look him up fo sho that sounds yumm!
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    I did find something for coffee lovers on keto it’s called kitu in vanilla, mocha. A serving is 50 cal =8 oz. 5.99 for a big bottle so I might try! 0 net carbs. They also have creamers and small bottles but I think my friend says the little ones actually have sugar 😕. Right now I’ve just made my keto coffee home side and add unsweetened cocoa it is definitely not the same as my mocha but I blend it for that smooth flavor
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    I’ve never heard of a cortado , is this an English thing?

    It's Spanish in origin. A good barista should be able to make you one!
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    I used to only get frappuccinos or white chocolate mochas which are a half day of calories. I switched to a Venti cold brew with vanilla sweet cream then got it down to light vanilla sweet cream. I started making my own cold brew at home and lately have been adding Premiere protein chocolate or caramel to half concentrate instead of water. Slightly more calories, my version tastes better, is cheaper, and has 30g protein. However if pumpkin cream is available I'll hit Starbucks for a light version, love that stuff!

    I’ve never heard of this pumpkin cream but I think it was meant for me 😍

    They have it in fall, I took a class that semester and Starbucks is across the street, my car always turned into the parking lot on it's own! I would've been there for peppermint cream which is my favorite but they switched it to Irish cream which is probably good, I just was disappointed it wasn't peppermint. They do have a peppermint syrup but I didn't care for it.
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    I always work a tall soy flat white into my calories if I want a SB treat. I always log it at 140 calories.
  • There have been so many great suggestions since I started this thread. Thank you so much!

    Unfortunately, I have not tried a single one yet as I kept company with a nasty cold last week. I've been trying to limit my exposure in public while my body tries to manufacture the appropriate antibodies.

    I'm feeling much better, and I'm looking forward to sitting down with a good book and a low calorie coffee drink this week!
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    So I have tried the following : americano with 1 pump smoked butterscotch 1 pump vanilla cream ( vanilla almond milk) americano with 2 pump mocha 1 pump sweet cream. Mocha was ok, couldn’t really taste butterscotch flavor. Both around 80 cal
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    PassionTea with splenda, or if you can do a little sugar, passiontea lemonade with splenda. I hate spending that much on drinks, so I get the Tazo Passion -pitcher size- filter bags from Target, brew it double strength (plus one or 2 individual tea bags), then chill. Buy the sugar free versions of the Torani or Davinci syrups coffee shops use at Business Costco, or Smart Food Service/Cash & Carry, or other supply stores for about $4 a bottle.
    When you want some, pour (over ice) 8 oz tea, 8 oz water, 3-4 pumps sugar free sweetener Davinci syrup, 3-4 pumps sugar free lemon Torani syrup.

    It's bold, refreshing, and 0 cals. and so much cheaper.
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    The biggest iced coffee w/ sugar free vanilla and a *splash* of heavy cream.
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    I haven't had Starbucks in months, but this thread is tempting me! I need to investigate this "smoked butterscotch."
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    I have Americano with steamed hot skimmed milk. Or fruit tea. I've discovered so many different delicious, zero-calorie fruit teas by choosing them in cafes because they are healthier. Mint and red berry yesterday was lovely. Turmeric and ginger is warming.
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    Go-to Starbucks drink is iced unsweetened passion tea. Zero or very few calories and caffeine-free.
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    If you like the refreshers I get a venti strawberry acai refresher, no water, add coconut milk, blended. It comes out to around 130 calories and is very, well... refreshing!
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    I normally buy a Nitro cold brew with sweet cream or an Unsweetened latte. Espresso, milk and ice blended is pretty good too. I normally have whole milk or 2% milk in my coffee but there are other lighter choices. For a treat, I may have 1-2 pumps of sugar free sweetener added to my beverage. I put a sprinkle of plain unsweetened cocoa powder on my foamed milk at home.
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    I drink mine Black. Maybe throw a couple Splenda in it if I'm having a sweet tooth. I normally prefer the variety of brews at home though.
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    They have a coffee shop in Reno Nevada that serves their coffee like beer. The shop was super cute like a trendy bar. I was so shocked they didn’t have cream, milk or anything like that, I just left 😳 What do you mean you can’t make a latte, lol? Obviously that kind of place is too high brow for my taste buds!
  • Anyone else scared poopless to go through just the Starbucks drive-thru these days?
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    Black coffee or a cold brew when it's warm out. Zero calories. Pure enjoyment.
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    I haven't been to Starbucks for months. When things get back to normal, I'm going to treat myself to a Caramel Macchiato and sit in the park and enjoy it! (Obviously, my dream self is not worrying about calories. 😉)
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    I also love their unsweetened passion tea