Macros?? Current weight 475...55lbs down doing keto

What are your macros for weight loss?


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    I encourage you to join the Low Carbers Daily Forum. You will get much more positive feedback from people who have personal experience with the way of eating and have much more knowledge of the science behind it. It can be an extremely successful and healthy way of life for many people when it’s managed properly. Best of luck!
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    What are your macros for weight loss?

    Are you specifically looking for people using keto? Or are you just curious of the macros anyone is eating?

    I've never done keto, but I used 45C-30F-25P to lose weight and now to maintain.

    While you're looking at groups, this one might be useful for you too:

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    You are doing great! keep it up! good luck to you
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    What are your macros for weight loss?

    I am not doing keto but I do have to eat moderate carb because of T2Dm (regulated through diet and exercise, no insulin or meds). My macro breakdown is 35% carb, 35% protein. 30% fat. I am 60 lb less than I was when I started with about the same to go.
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    google keto macro calculator; put in your height, weight and rate of loss you're aiming for and it will spit out macros for you.

    I've been eating keto for years with 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs.
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    Macros aren't so much important as calories. For Keto, you want to be sub 50g of carbs. You should still aim for 20-30g of fiber. Probably 150-175g of protein and the rest fats. Make sure you keep sodium high and focus on whole foods. All these processed Keto foods are just as bad as other foods.