How do i get to around 500 kcals a day and be ok?



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    Just to illustrate more about your calorie burn.

    I heard a great analogy in a Podcast the last couple of days explaining daily calorie burn as a 10 story tower block.

    I've adjusted from the TDEE method of calculation used by many fitness/diet professionals to NEAT method of calculation that MFP uses.

    Basically, most of your calorie burn in a day is what your body used for basic bodily functions like breathing, pumping your heart, brain activity, etc, in the analogy, that accounts for the first 7-8 "floors", activity you do at home/work/school is known as NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and makes up the 2-3 floors.

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    Thank you. Newbie here.

    Also, not in "getting started" go to health and fitness.
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    i have issues with constantly being hungry and craving pizza or chocolate

    ^^^^This is because of the below
    i am currently eating around 900kcals a day. i am on my 6th day. i want to lose weight. i want to be at around 500kcals consumed a day
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    To the OP:

    if you're real and your brain really handles things the way you described, your current method is guaranteed to result in mental and physical problems and not successful weight loss.

    Your current weight level does not preclude you having an undiagnosed ED and your thought processes during your previous weight loss attempts, as described, are either the results of deficits that are *excessive* for your unique situation or well on their way to what someone suffering from an ED would end up thinking.

    Talking to a specialist in the field may be of great use to you. Given what you're said, and assuming you're actually in a position to be trying to lose weight, and assuming you should be doing this via calorie counting (both big assumptions that I would want to confirm face to face with a professional if i were you), then a very small deficit designed to drop no more then a lb a week is what I would implement.

    As to the person seeking exercise advice a post in the exercise forum may be the ticket!
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