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    Hello and happy week-end all.

    Another busy day. Gym first thing this morning, worked on prepping food for a dinner party tomorrow and got a nice big salad chopped and ready to add some protein for an early (daylight saving time starts tomorrow) dinner after our acrylic painting class this afternoon. Part of my food prep for tomorrow included adding the ingredients to my recipes and tracking the dinner calories for tomorrow as well as todays food.

    @josephinebowman - welcome, hope your continue here on the 60+ thread and have good weather for moving about outdoors in your beautiful tidewater area.
    @bacpath - hope you're doing great!
    @AnnPT77 - your posts are always a delight. Pretty spring blooms, some of us find our full bloom later in life, but better late than not.
    @lynnchristy - you're doing everything right, you got this and that "terrible matrix" scale WILL move down as you move up to personal fitness
    @barbiecat - love your dancing kitty cat, just dance girlfriend
    @alteredsteve175 - water & wait is a good tip
    @bethe - your garden, like you is worth all the hard work. Congrats on the loss. Post pics of your garden when it's in full bloom later this spring please.

    Got a little spare time now and I'll practice my guitar lesson for a bit.
    Wishing all well.
    Today I'm stronger than yesterday. Om….

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    J29t, thanks for the Forward Food day inspiration! Love it! Lynnchristy, you are so wonderful to have a kind word for so many of us. Teresadannar, I'm in Columbia. The weather this week has been so awesome I was able to ride 4 days in a row! I think it will rain a lot next week, so I'm doubly grateful for the sunshine this week. Aligatorob, those mountains behind you are spectacular. What an awesome sight to wake up to every morning. Welcome Wattsie59, you are sure to find great support with this group. Keep coming back for motivation/inspiration. Well, even though I've done a really good job with exercise this week, I have to admit a slight backslide last night when I went out for pizza with my sister. I only had 2 slices, but I brought home 2 more which I put in the freezer for now. It sure tasted good but I don't want to totally derail my eating plan. I have already completed my food diary for today with more nutritional healthy choices. Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Hey all. Too cold today for me ( cold + wind). Making up for yesterday's mass consumption. Afraid to weigh but tomorrow I will. Off to the Y pool soon and then I will be tucking under flannel sheets. Had a list for today but not sure if I can do the outdoor stuff - don't want to chance a cold. I bought apples, did our turn at church cleaning, got car gas, and searched for missing keys. Tried different tea and won't try it again. Not a bad day. Low calories with exercise credits.
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    Hey everyone,
    I just had lunch too lynnchristy I made some basmati rice with several ingredients, carrots, chicken, onions, red, yellow and orange peppers, mushrooms, and egg. I use a little olive oil and at the last a little sesame oil for flavor. I hope everone has a good weekend getting ready for a walk here. I’ve lost another pound in the last couple of days which is a good feeling. I hope great success for everyone in their fitness endeavors.
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    Yummy food everyone, I had a sort of chicken stroganoff with red pepper, onion mushroom, low fat sour cream, mustard, chicken stock cube and served it with tagliatelle. Quick and easy!
    Also got a 3 mile walk in and a cardio exercise too!
    Good luck with your efforts too!
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    Beautiful day in SWVA
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    * Breakfast: Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, walnuts, cinnamon, hemp/flax seeds, berries, blackstrap molasses; coffee with skim milk, iced matcha with lemon wedge
    * A nice walk in the sunshine, temps back in the 40s (F) again from much colder: Lovely, about 2-1/4 miles.
    * Lunch: Ezekiel tortilla, smoked tofu, reduced-fat cheddar, mustard, onion, raw sauerkraut; cherry tomatoes; dill okra pickles; fresh figs

    Dinner? Dunno. Needs 30g protein, 15g fat, and a bunch more veggies, at least. ;)

    Happy Saturday, everyone! :)
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    Hey Everyone! I am new! Really enjoy the macro nutrient breakdown. I am 66 years old. I retired from teaching Zumba in 2018 because I was teaching privately and the rent increase was more than I could handle. I am still fairly active. 9,000 steps (usually 6 to 7 days weekly) 40 minutes of continuous exercise which could either be power walking or riding my spin bike (5 days weekly) and I do Grow Young Fitness videos which are geared for senior citizens a few times weekly. The videos are only 30 minutes each but are very good at exercising things like balance, muscle strength and cardio. I am also a retired massage therapist so I have a very good working knowledge of the body and it's muscles. At 60 yrs old I got my CNA license (Certified Nursing Assistant), At 40 yrs I worked full time and went full time to massage School to get my degree. At 50 yrs old I became a Certified Zumba Instructor and taught a combination of Zumba Gold (low impact dance moves) Zumba Toning (lifting light weights while dancing) and the regular Zumba dance steps (Salsa, Cumbia, Reggeton, Merangue) I became a Certified Infinite Possibilities Teacher (Universal Laws of Attraction) sometime in my 50's. I would like to meet like minded people, so please feel free to reach out and say hi! Have a Great and Inspirational Day!
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    Another nice morning in Utah, will be doing garden and yard prep for spring today.

    Eating and exercise are going pretty well.dfzcb0rvd0cl.jpg
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    :) Just got back from my usual morning walk with the dogs. Enjoyed the full moon, freezing temps, darkness, a partly cloudy sunrise, no one out in the neighborhood except the man delivering the newspaper, and 11,500 steps on my pedometer.

    :) Barbie in NW WA
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    njag6393 wrote: »
    Beautiful day in SWVA

    Beautiful country. What river is that in the background?
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    alteredsteve thats called the russell fork its actually where the water comes out flannagan resevoir below the spillway. It goes thru the Breaks Gorge into the Big Sandy in Ky. I live about 5 mi utes from the lake. Its a perfect place to walk and spend time.
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    njag6393 wrote: »
    I wish this had spell check and I had better vision.

    :) You can increase font size on the page (at least I can on my computer) and you can edit your post for an hour after you post it.
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    edited March 2020
    Thank you Barbie! I’m not too savvy on phones or computers just never really became interested enough to advance in the skills.
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    Hey everyone! Sounds like everyone is doing good! My back has been out so not much exercise this week. Feel like a slug! I do have good news my A1C is 6.4!!! Woo hoo. So I will get back at Monday. Have a good evening!