Anyone avoiding the gym because of the you-know-what virus?



  • darreneatschicken
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    Don't go to the gym if you're living with an immunocompromised parent! 😯

    This won't last forever and we'll all be back at the gym. Nobody knows how many people around us have the virus and haven't been tested yet. You spread the virus for several days before you feel sick, so it's easy to pick it up from people who look healthy.

    Yeah. Looks like I'm not going to be going to the gym for a while.

    Tomorrow I'll be dropping by the fitness store to pick up one of those Bowflex dumbbells for $400. That way I can workout at home using some random dumbbell routine.

    It sucks because the private gyms in my area aren't closing down yet... most likely because they are greedy: they know that if they close down, then they're going to have to extend peoples' memberships. Hence, they stay open and just say that they're doing their best to sanitize the equipment as much as possible... It's a "go at your own risk" kind of deal.
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    I went to the gym last night (YouFit) and they were still open. They did, however, scan our foreheads with some kind of thermometer stick before letting us in. The woman at the front desk said they had only turned 1 person away that day. Some guy that came in and had read a 102 temperature. (!) The guy tried to explain that he was only that warm because he'd been sitting in his car. The temp outside yesterday was only in the 50s so they were like, Nope.
  • midlomel1971
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    Guys, do you think I should still go to the gym? One of my gyms is closed, but the other is still open.

    I live at home with my parents who are in their 60's, so I'm a bit worried about infecting them. My dad is currently recovering from cancer and still undergoes chemotherapy every month.

    I'm considering just spending $400 to buy one of those Bowflex dumbbells so that I can just workout at home.

    So far, there are 103 confirmed cases in my province (including 5 people who have recovered and 4 who have died).


    For your dad's sake, just stay home. Anyone undergoing chemo has a compromised immune system. Don't take the risk. There are plenty of great free workouts available on youtube. I know it sucks having to stay inside. It's only been a couple days and my family is already bickering.
  • MelG7777
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    Mine officially closed last night. Which I totally understand. Thankful they are posting at home workouts for us.
  • ccrdragon
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    My gym has closed for the duration
  • scorpio516
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    Most of my local gyms are closed, and any that are still open can have more than 25 people in them. My gym closed over the weekend
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    I haven't been to the gym in a week and a half now :( I need to start running outside but it's been rainy and yucky for the last week or so. I'm very limited on time because I have three kids including a baby. This sucks.
  • mjbnj0001
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    I was in Canada for a few days and came home last night to the news that gyms (and a number of other things) are closed for the time being. Prior to that news, I had planned prepping my own more-effective surface wipes for machines/cycles and planned on non-peak-time attendance (it helps being retired for flexible timing). However, being in the target group (over 65, with issues), I was also thinking it prudent not even going before I returned to the closure news. At least outside isn't closed and I can walk or ride my bike. This is a pic of a trailside "gym" at Sandy Hook, NJ - maybe that's my alternative as things warm up, lol!

  • jdhcm2006
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    My gym is still open, but I have a non-refundable dance retreat planned for the end of April. This means I am not taking the chance of getting sick. I will workout from home until that event has passed. I’ve been looking forward to it since last November.

    Also, I still want to be able to visit my grandparents and my nephews. This is only temporary and I do have things at home to get a workout in. I can’t lift, but body weight and bands and kettlebells will have to do for now.
  • pondee629
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    Gym closed by government order "til further notice". Taking to the roads
  • MeteoraTitanium
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    I haven't been to my gym in 6 days... This is really hard for me as I've been going regularly for years.
    It feels like a month already 😭
  • PennyP312
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    Been working out at home doing various body weight, dumbbell and banded weight training. I’m lucky enough to have a spin bike from years ago so I’ve been getting some decent workouts in.
    I soooo miss my barbell tho. I almost panic bought a rack, bumper plates and an Olympic bar. But decided to save that money because everything is so uncertain right now.
  • magnusthenerd
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    State government ordered all public gyms closed.
    I haven't stopped going because of it though - I stopped going because of surgery.
    Kind of funny to have a squat rack and what not at home so I could continue, but I'm not touching weights until probably April 21st.
  • orestis10
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    Its been 2 weeks since all gyms closed in my country s
    I dwnloaded the abs in 30 days app
    The workout home app
    And a random dumbell App
    I've seen more resaults due to.constant training because i work out wayyy more now becaus eof the quarantine and because i returned to my parents house and its driving me nuts.
    Wish me luck
  • sgt1372
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    All of the gyms gave been closed in my state (CA) and region (SF Bay Area) but I have a full gym at home and never when 2 my gym anyway, except 2 occasionally use the steam room and sauna that I won't miss.

    I can also still take a walk or hike alone while maintaining social distance. So life will go on
  • lkpducky
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    Generally I have gone to the gym to cross train on the bikes (I run outside otherwise) but I stopped going to the gym sometime before it closed. However, we ordered an exercise bike - it arrived and my husband just assembled it, and it feels smooth, so we're all set.
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    I got a couple hours of skiing in today. It was warm and sunny and there's only about two or three months of snow left.
  • VioletRojo
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    I got a couple hours of skiing in today. It was warm and sunny and there's only about two or three months of snow left.

    I thought all the ski resorts were closed?

  • janejellyroll
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    VioletRojo wrote: »
    I got a couple hours of skiing in today. It was warm and sunny and there's only about two or three months of snow left.

    I thought all the ski resorts were closed?

    You don't need a ski resort to ski. Cross-country skiing, in particular, is something that can be done either on public trails or private land.