Crushed 💔



  • ReenieHJ
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    That's a pathetic and insensitive thing for him to say to you. :( Is he always like this? I'm so sorry and hope you can rise above what he said to you. Just because he said it, does NOT make it so!!! Please believe that and know, in your heart, what he did was so wrong and thoughtless. :( Definitely says more about the kind of person he is than anything else.
  • ReenieHJ
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    One of my favorite saying... “don’t let someone who doesn’t know your value tell you how much you’re worth”

    Thank you for sharing this, I love it!! And it's very true.
  • savery55
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    I'm so sorry. :( Words like this tend to stick to us for years. I hope you will take encouragement from the many "friends" here who have commented and not allow those words to stick to your heart. No one, no matter what, deserves to have someone speak to them this way. I pray you stay strong on the inside and find your way to your best health and to healthier relationships! Sending hugs!❤️
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    Not good. He needs to change his attitude. My wife is 250 lbs and i stayed with her for the past 10 years. I encouraged her all the time. Finally, she adopted a healthy lifestyle and is now losing weight.
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    Geeze what a great guy - NOT!

    Hun, if this is a one off thing you could go and explain that it was hurtful and not motivational.

    If it's more than one off you need to be thinking if you can stay. It doesn't get better
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    Today is a new day. The consensus was in support of you. Cannot change the past. Keep coming for support.😊
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    @AJuff I wish I was as fat as you are! We are the same height, but I weigh over 20 stone. I am working on my health and losing weight now, but I know if my husband was not supportive then I would inevitably fail.

    You deserve so much better than to have the one person who's supposed to be there for you, speak to you like that. I'm sorry that you're having to hear it.As much as you can, let it run off your back because this is not your issue, it's his issue.

    You only need to lose around 10kg to be in the 'healthy' BMI range - you could probably do that with just some small tweaks to your lifestyle over time (like going for a daily walk or skipping dessert a few times a week, for instance). Unfortunately for your husband, his *kitten* perspective is ugly, and I hope you can see that you deserve better.
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    Your fine, that's not that much honestly, I had to google the conversion lol but no worries. Take it and use it for motivation. Never let someone steal your positivity.
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    Wow. Just WOW. Agree with everyone else.

    I am 5 feet 3 inches and weigh WAY more than you. And I still am not the fattest person at my height. He is full of $%&#. And to say your weight is off putting ... He is being mean and rude. No loving partner would say that. And nobody deserves to be spoken to like that. I wonder how fit HE is.

    Makes me want to dish him up some karma pie. You deserve a loving partner who supports and encourages you. Insulting and belittling are not loving behaviors.
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    Thoughtless and malicious,..don’t be defined by words. It’s hard but avoid toxic people, they’re a waste. We’re sending hugs your way, beautiful!🥰
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    I feel ya girl,, I am pretty damn sure my husband left me for the same strong!!!
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    AJuff wrote: »
    My husband says I’m the fattest person he knows and fat is off putting. I am 12 stone and 5 ft 3 inches. I am gutted 💔
    Get a new husband
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    I'm so sorry! Don't let him, or anyone get you down!
  • Be_theBest_Me
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    Whether he wants to admit it or not he is insecure. My hubby did this to me for 3 years. It was his way of getting me to think less of myself so I wouldn't leave him when he felt worthless...if you reverse all this on him start complimenting him more daily he will stop insulting you. Took me a long time to realize this!! Learn from my years of pain!! He isn't trying to hurt you. He is trying to feel better just doesn't know how. We all get like this. Misery loves company. It sucks. I'm sorry you are going through this. Just know he doesn't actually think's really the opposite and he is worried you are gonna realize how badass you are and he isn't and leave.... boys!! Ugh you got this sister!!!
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    I say dump his *kitten*! Verbal abuse should not be tolerated. My ex called me fat all the time whenever he was mad at me and it made me feel very insecure and disgusting. Now I am learning to love myself and accept myself as I am.
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    The quickest way for you to lose weight quickly is to push him from a cliff into a canyon, and nosh on a cupcake to celebrate.