What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • mtaratoot
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    ... I am not a runner. I get shin splints and stitches in my side and I've never been able to run, though I've been fairly fit for most of my life.

    I got on the treadmill yesterday and decided to see if I could jog for just a little while before things started to hurt. Figured I'd go 3 minutes and then slow the pace to something manageable. Maybe try some HIIT or something to keep isolation interesting.

    ... I jogged 2 miles in 22 minutes, and then walked 2 more miles in 30 minutes and felt pretty good.


    I keep checking my house for the pod that I must have hatched from. It's like I don't even know me anymore. I might try jogging again tomorrow if I don't feel like taking 2 hours to get my normal step count...

    That is FANTASTIC! And a safe way to get out of the damn house if you try it. If you end up walking, that's awesome, too.

    Keep looking for that pod. It's got to be there somewhere. :wink:
  • LissaDay77
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    peonycarol wrote: »
    I can wear my wedding ring for the first time in 3 years!

    Me too!!!
  • alteredsteve175
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    Terytha wrote: »
    Today is exactly 365 days since I downloaded MFP.

    I've somehow kept up this weight loss thing for an entire year. :0

    Honestly when I started I didn't think I could do it. I'm just THAT stubborn I guess.

    Congratulations, @Terytha! Here's to persistence (or stubbornness). HAHA! :D
  • holli1ch
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    Terytha wrote: »

    MFP works if you work it. Congratulations!
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    What sort of martial arts are you doing @Elo_getsfit